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DTR 2014 ShocktOber 3- Sex dolls and a pet medium

Guests: Dave Hockey & Shawna Bigelow.  Rob Gutro

Time: 10/15/2014 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: We call it ShocktOber, because of Halloween . But how is this for shocking, Dave Hockey and Shawna Bigelow are a couple that swings. They share each other in the bedroom with sex dolls. Our first guests tell us all about how they got started, the real doll life style, and some nifty sex facts about these almost real looking companions.
Next up its author, ghost hunter and medium, Rob Gutro. Rob considers himself an average guy who just happens to be able to communicate with those who passed. He calls himself a "medium rare" because he's still learning how to meditate for more messages, but he passes messages on when he gets them. He has also been able to sketch out what a ghost or spirit looks like and have connected with many people and dogs and cats! He's not a medium who makes appointments or gives readings for money, he just gives them when spirits or ghosts come to him (The difference between them is something he explains in his books). Often he'll get messages whenever someone emails him. He belongs to the Inspired Ghost Tracking group and helps cross ghosts over on private investigations. By trade he's a meteorologist, so he explains the facets of entities using science. He's had the ability since he was a teenager, when his grandfather appeared to him 6 months after he passed. We also talk to Rob about his newest book, Pets and the Afterlife. Rob gave us some great information.
So sit back with your favorite water cooler gang Maddie, Violette, Chris and DK, and enjoy this rather Shocking episode. Double Talk Radio airs live from the Maddhouse in Second Life and streams live on AllradioX and Power Radios. Be sure to check out the home page at Coming up next week. ShocktOber continues with the return of Darren Evans while we talk ZoZo the Ouija demon. Fresh off Darren's appearance on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

 Next week: Darren Evans-ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon


ShocktOber episode 2-The realm of the Southern seer

Guest- Haystack Hank Gardner (seer of all things)

Time: 10/08/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back my spookie friends. DK, Violette and Chris are on board for another edition of ShocktOber. This week our featured Clairvoyant had to cancel. How could she not see it coming? Anyway we welcome a very special guest this week, a medium so distant from the real world he does not have a web page, email, facebook or twitter. Enter Haystack Hank Gardner, the Southern Seer. Hank has in site on all the hosts, people in chat and the modern world around him. Hear how he reads DK's mind, tells Chris about his career, and advises Violette on her social life. We have a couple of callers into the studio. How did Chris's weekend go with his old flame, and we get an update of Violettes virtual wedding. We are recorded live every Wednesday night from the Maddhouse in Second Life and broadcast on AllradioX and Power Radios. Be sure to check out the homepage at Next week a very unique couple that swings with sex dolls.


DTR 2014 presents ShoctOber Eps 1- The Book of Shadows

Guest...Wizard Luxas Aureaum

Time: 10/01/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: We are back after a short hiatus. Just in the nick of time. Why its October, our favorite time of year. Welcome to ShocktOber 2014. DK, Violette, Maddie and Chris are all in studio. This years first guest is Wizard Luxas Aureaum from The Coven of the Rooting Circle. Hear how Luxas hazes new witches, astral travel and dreams, Halloween, does he ride a broom, and what is the Book of Shadows. Speaking of the Book of Shadows it appears that Chris has one. He writes something in it, what is it? Chris is changing majors at university, and is about to visit an old flame this weekend. Violette is getting married, and of course Maddie gets Madd. DK has a few crazy stories. A white woman is suing a sperm bank because she had a black baby, and their is a couple in Nova Scotia that is taking threesomes to a whole new level. Sure its Halloween and that's the theme but this is the water cooler after all. We are now streaming on Power Radio and AllradioX. We broadcast live from the Maddhouse in Second Life. You can hear the show live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern, and be sure to check out all the past shows on I tunes or at Shocktober continues next week, and all through the month of October.

DTR 2014 Episode 27-A homeless man in a sex booth

Guest Allison Sciulla

Time: 09/10/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back boys and girls. for this weeks brand new episode of Double Talk Radio. Violette, Maddie, Chris and DK welcome you. The crew starts out with a little small talk until Chris returns from the Gym then he leads a story of 45 thoughts that go through a woman's mind while she's giving a blow job. Well the girls and Chris seem right into this. DK claims his ignorance and bows out for this segment. Next up its comedian, musician, and author Allison Sciulla. She joins us to celebrate the release of her book And then I shit my pants. When asked to talk about the title she goes on to tell us a story of a homeless man she observed taking a number two in a sex booth in San Francisco. Leave it to Violette to share her own real life experiences in side of sex booths and glory holes. Where does the conversation go from there? OMG! Allison talks about her other books, her art,and her life has a stand up comedian. We really enjoyed her visit to the water cooler. Why is DK dressed in a monkey suit, and Joan Rivers are also up on the menu this week. Double Talk Radio airs live from the Maddhouse in Second Life every Wednesday at 9pm eastern and broadcasts on AllradioX. Check out the homepage at

Check out Allison's homepage here


DTR 2014 Episode 26- Nude pics and whats your blood type

guest appearance: The hick Kevin Schmidt

Time: 09/03/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Hello all. We are back again. Violette is on vacation, so its Double K, Maddie, and Chris this week. Oh what a mess. Never mind you will hear about that later or sooner. This week we talk about some nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others that have been hacked from their I cloud accounts. Why would you even store such things online? Maddie Gets Madd about a statutory rape victim forced to pay for a child he didn't even know about, and there are more technical difficulties, blah blah blah. We decide to call the Cheap Country Hick to check in on him, when all of a sudden a listener by the name of Bro Bri calls in and starts talking about blood types, perfect mates and Hitler was on to something. Or something along those lines. I am sure you can picture how DK reacts to this. DK asks for donations and then tells the crowd at the Maddhouse he will dress in what ever they send him. How will DK look next week? Stay tuned. Double Talk Radio broadcasts live from the Maddhouse in Second Life and streams on Allradiox every Wednesday at 9pm eastern. Be sure to check out the home page

Join us live on Wednesday September 10th at 9pm eastern.  When we welcome comedian and author Allison Sciulla

She has just released a new book

...And Then I Shit My Pants,And Other True Short Stories
Allison Sciulla
"And Then I Shit My Pants, And Other True Short Stories" is intense, edgy and very funny. Comedian Allison Sciulla invites you on a literary roller coaster ride. This collection of short stories is a compelling recount of Allison's awkward transition from teen to young adult. She's straightforward, brutally honest and unapologetic. She's also very likable. As you read, you'll feel as if she's confiding in you as a close personal friend. That's because she never holds back and shares all of her personal and embarrassing secrets with you.
You'll laugh out loud at Allison's uncensored commentary on life as she captures the genuine essence of teen angst. From bad boyfriends, gut-wrenching break-ups and awkward sexual encounters to car accidents, suicide attempts and her over-bearing Italian family. Allison has been to hell and back and literally crapped her pants on the way. But shame is not part of Allison's world. She's unpretentious, honest and shares all the tawdry details with you.
She learned to survive by developing her keen sense of humor and expressing her emotions through a variety of artistic mediums. Allison is an inspirational human being and her stories are truly captivating. Fans of Charles Bukowski and David Sedaris will enjoy Allison's raw and unapologetic writing style.


DTR 2014 Episode 25-End of Summer Special 

Guest: Angel from Angels Erotic Solutions

Time: 08/27/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome to the Double Talk Radio end of summer special, the hot weather is winding down and fall is soon upon us. But its a hot steamy show at the water cooler this week. Double K, Violette, Maddie and Chris are ecstatic to welcome Angel from We have been talking about Angels grapefruit for some time now (view it here Well buckle up folks itâ??s a full house and your hosts and their guest are on fire. Talk about talk radio without rules, we are pretty sure we shatter them all tonight. Angel explains about how she became a sex expert and how and why she invented the grapefruit technique. Violette then lives up to her promise and attempts the grapefruit live on air. Angel answers all the questions from the listeners, and we have some pretty crazy questions. Also on the show, Violette tell us the major advantages of having sex with a robot, Chris is unusually hyper, DK explains that people that drink alcohol live longer, there is a new candidate in the Toronto Mayoral race that wants to improve moral by supplying free Viagra, and DK chugs a beer for PMS awareness. This episode is definitely not safe for work. Double Talk Radio is broadcast live at the Maddhouse and airs on AllradioX. Be sure to check out the home page at


DTR 2014 Episode 24 The girl who runs dicks

Guest-Claire Wyckoff

Time: 08/20/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Hey all, were back at the water cooler after a short vacation. This week Violette and Double K are joined by a very interesting guest. Claire Wyckoff. Claire has been featured in numerous newspapers because she uses a Nike app on her phone when she runs to draw pictures of dicks. Thats right penis's, hear her story on the show tonight. We talk about Robin Williams, a man who fakes his death to avoid his wedding, and a new app in LA that lets you order underwear and booze. Chris checks in from his vacation on the Jersey Shore and we talk about some conspiracy theories. Violette has taken up E Cigarettes and trys to convince DK to try it out. Even in Maddies absence DK, Violette and Chris Get Madd about the new server on AllradioX. 

Next week we have Angel from Angels Erotic Solutions, you may know her better has the grapefruit lady and Violette has another challenge to complete. Your not going to miss this end of summer bash at the water cooler. Double Talk Radio can be heard live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern direct from the Maddhouse, on AllradioX. Check out the home page at


Double Talk Radio Eps 23-What to do with a grapefruit

Time: 08/06/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Well things are back to normal this week. If there is such a thing as normal around here. The whole gang is gathered around the water cooler for the beginning of the next 5 years of Double Talk. Here is whats on tap this week. We here Chris's story about his family trip to New York city and how his experience on a dating site ties in, Facebook crashes for 1 minute and the whole world goes bonkers, including one of our own. We play DK's version of Match Game and everyone gets in on the fun. Theres a 911 call about a woman who deserted her children for an orgy in the hot tub. Maddie gets Madd stating her case why humans should not breed and your not going to believe what Violette has volunteered to do with a grapefruit on air. There are some new words in the Scrabble dictionary and we begin to list 46 sexual fetishes you probably have never heard of. Double Talk Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and in the Maddhouse in second life. Be sure to check out the homepage at and support our fundraising campaign at Double K is on vacation next week but we have a couple of big shows to close the summer. Stay tuned peeps.


It's the 5 year anniversary celebration show

Time: 07/30/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Its hard to believe it was on July 28th 2009 this whole thing began. In typical DTR style this 5 year anniversary special is go big or go home. Recorded live, this 3 hour show is filled with guests, former co hosts and tons of clips from the past. Your hosts for this show are Double K, DJ Chris, Violette and Maddie. We have live appearances from former hosts Producer Scotty, Izzbia and Matty the co host, and a whole slew of call ins and messages. There is one point at the beginning of the show where DK is overwhelmed by the amount of calls flooding the studio and he keeps putting everyone on hold. But we quickly recover and its full steam ahead. We get started right off the bat with a trip through time with Violettes composition of all the different intros we have used through the years. 

5 years of guests
Listen closely, the time travel includes. DJ throwing Gramma down the stairs, Violettes adventure during Violettes Neighborhood, neighbors having loud sex, word of the day, Elmer calls Walgreen, Stump Scotty, a world record belch on vs Violette, the dominatrix and the judge, Scotty has to pee, Violette pees her pants, hick has to take a shit, Festivus togas, a pizza prank call, a sex toy goddess and so much more. Guest appearances include Dan J and Roy Brewster from LNI, Danny Trioxin, Brian from Metal Thunder Radio, Mizz Barbie Bitch, Bruce Holland and Big Jim, Suzanna Brisk, Cookie J and the Cheap Country Hick Kevin Schmidt. This show is broadcast live on Allradiox and in the Maddhouse in Second Life every Wednesday at 9pm eastern. Be sure to check out the home page at Heres to 5 more years peeps!

The crew broadcasting live from the Maddhouse in Second Life


DTR 2014 Episode 22-A Yaks pubic hair

Guest-Mizz Barbie Bitch


Time: 07/23/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome to the water cooler folks. Double K is back from his vacation so let the party begin. Maddie, Violette, and Chris are all on board this week. This weeks special guest is the return of dominatrix and Toronto Mayor candidate Mizz Barbie Bitch and she has an exclusive announcement for us. She also invites DK to be a celebrity guest at an upcoming S&M mayoral party. She invites him on stage to participate. How does the crew respond? Wait there is more! DK discovers what Dwayne the rock Johnson's beard is made of, in his up coming movie Hercules, we talk about a sexually frustrated man who used an excel sheet to track all his rejections, 20 sex, penis, and vagina facts that will blow you away, Chris has a crush who searches him on facebook, Violette wont stop typing, Maddie is having trouble with the feed in Second Life at the Madhouse but when she returns she Gets Madd about a family that abandons a 16 year old dog. Whats a merkin and DK speaks German. Double Talk Radio airs live on AllradioX every Wednesday at 9pm edt. Check us out in Second Life at the Maddhouse and all past episodes at the home page

DTR 2014 Episode 21...DK has gone fishing


Welcome back folks, this week Double K is on vacation so its Chris, Violette and Maddie holding down the fort. Maddie is apparently not mad this week but DK is. He calls in from his remote camping site, and tells about his adventures. In the out house. On tap tonight a recorded call about a Comcast customer service rep who does not want the customer to leave, a girl wakes up at the dentist and guess what she wants, 10 things we waste money on, a penis in a chocolate bar and so much more. Double Talk can be heard live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and check out the home page at


DTR 2014 Episode 20-Matty the co host is back

Guests, Matt and Tracey Vanderpool


Time: 07/09/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler. This week the whole gang is here Maddie, Chris, Violette and DK. To top things off former co host and long time friend Matty the Co host (Matt Vanderpool) returns for a visit and his lovely wife Tracey is here as well. He tells us about a new hobby he has, comedy is slow so he is doing stand up at a wedding and he gives a report on the Motley Crue concert. Also on tap tonight Skype sex etiquette turns into a talk about vibrators. Tracey teachs the ladies how to know if its going to be good vibrator and Violette tries it out on air. A kickstarter campaign for potato salad, what one girl did for a drink, and Maddie Get's Madd about fake friends. Its our usual shenanigans around the studio and so much more. DK is going on vacation next week so the rest of the crew is running the ship. How will they make out? You will have to listen to find out. Double Talk Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and check out the home page at

DTR 2014 Episode 19-Guybrators and sand in your snatch

guest-The Cheap Country Hick Kevin Schmidt


Time: 07/02/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back friends for another episode of Double Talk Radio. This week we explore all the strange news and happenings going on in the world. Maddie, Violette, and Double K are all in studio and Chris joins us on remote. We also get a visit from long time friend and former member of the International Panel of Weird, Kevin Schmidt. Has you know we are now broadcasting inside Second Life from the MaddHouse, well DK is still having some problems with his avatar and he updates us again this week. On Get Madd this week the crew weighs in on a 22 month old that died from being left in a car in the heat. Also on this episode, A crazy nanny, whould you like to screw your I Pad, Guybrators, a woman allergic to water, and on this weeks expectations vs reality its sex on the beach. The summer is just getting started and so are we. You can listen to us live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on AllradioX, and be sure to check out the home page at Later!

DTR 2014 Episode 18-The Storm Chaser

Guests Scott McPartland and Brian Crean

Time: 06/25/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler for the first show of summer. DK, Maddie and Violette are in the house tonight (Chris is away in Rhode Island) We kick of the summer solstice in a huge fashion with special guest Scott McPartland of and co host of Metal Thunder Radio. He discuses his recent trip down to Tornado Alley, plus answers all our questions about severe weather. Hear about why he started and what fascinates him about chasing storms. Tornado's, hurricanes, hail and thunderstorms are all on the table tonight. Brian his co host from MTR also stops by for the second part of the evening to join in the madness. That's not all. DK is still struggling with Second Life while he makes his way to the Maddhouse, we discuss perception vs reality in regards to shower sex, and Maddie has a new segment called Get Madd. This week she discusses all the children being stranded in the states from south of the border. Somehow Violette turns this into a discussion about British Canada, and DK does his best to educate her. Double Talk Radio can be heard live every Wednesday at 9pm edt on and check out the home page at Don't forget DTR and the DK Kool Aid shirts are available over at AllradioX.


DTR 2014 Episode 16- UFO's and Ho's

with the Raeliens, Dennis Hof and Ada Adora


Time: 06/11/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back folks for an out of this world show tonight. On hand tonight are Double K , DJ Chris and Maddie (Violette is sick) We have the Bishop Nicole stop by from the Raelians. A group that believes among other things we were placed on earth as a science experiment. She also talks about them lobbying the Canadian government to have an alien embassy built in the country. Here about the Elohim (from the sky) , super computers with the ability to clone and their views on sexuality and masturbation. Then its our good buddy Dennis Hof from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and HBO's hit show Cat House. He is here to talk about the World Cup Soccer. Well OK not soccer but prostitution and sex in Brazil. Dennis has even brought the beautiful Portuguese bunny @AvaAdora with him to hang out with us for a bit.

OK guests aside, DJ Chris has decided on a new business venture. A beach scented cologne. Is it a problem for female co hosts to go relieve themselves during the show? How about a new device called the ShePee. We have discovered a new product. A marijuana infused lube for a real inner high. Violette would try it out, but its only for sale in California. Thats it for this week but be sure to listen live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern only on Allradiox. Check out the home page at


DTR 2014 Episode 15-A solosexual and a vajazzled vagina

Special guest Monster Mark Ball


Time: 06/04/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the internets water cooler . This weeks serving is both crazy and out of hand. We welcome Monster Mark from the Midnight Horror Show to challenge miss Violette on Vs Violette. He talks about all kinds of stuff because well he may be slightly inebriated. But we will let you be the judge of that. We come a cross a site about Solosexuality and the gang cant resist. Check it here

and listen has Double K guides you through such topics has music for your penis and the solosex hotline. DK even gives the hotline a call. Double K announces a guest for next week involving aliens and a n embassy in Canada. The chatroom is rocking and we are having a party. Come join us live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern only on AllradioX and check out our home page Come on folks have you tried the DK Kool-aid yet?


DTR 2014 Eps 14-Keep calm and drink the Kool-Aid

With Danny Trioxin and Doctor Dark (The Midnight Horror Show)


Time: 05/28/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Way we go for another round at the water cooler. Tonight after her defeat last week at the hands of Double K, Violette is hell bent on convincing everyone that DK is evil and do not under any circumstance, partake of his kool-aid. Double K shares 7 things about sex toys you didn't know, concluding that the next great thing for the gals will be a 3D custom dildo created by a 3D printer. We talk about Elliot Rodger but of course we get side tracked. How about 50 cent throwing the opening pitch at the ball game, Violette gives a lesson in Matzo and DJ is planning a get away. Danny and Dr Dark from the Midnight Horror Show stop by to play a horror version of Vs Violette. But there is a twist evil DK manages the good Dr. and Danny Trioxin sides with Violette. We have a blast with our guests so listen in. We are live every Wednesday at 9pm edt on Allradiox and check out the home page at


DTR 2014 Episode 13-You have come to the wrong table


Time: 05/21/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler. Tonight we may have the most epic Vs. Violette ever. The whole look and direction of the show could be changed if Violette defeats Double K. The prize if Violette wins she gets creative control of the show for 30 days. If DK wins Violette must stop taking those damn surveys on Facebook for 30 days. Will Double Talk Radio forever be purple? Maddie takes over DK's job has game master and administers the quiz. Speaking of quizzes we find out how DJ Chris did in Chemistry. DJ explains about going to the wrong table, what is the correct way to pronounce Meme, a guy could get a life sentence for serving up hash brownies and in this weeks sex segment we discuss 24 ways to know if your dating a crazy chick. Double Talk Radio is recorded live every Wednesday night at 9 pm eastern on AllradioX and be sure to check out the home page at


DTR 2014 Eps 12-The big O and alot of naughty

With Cory (That guy from Calgary) and Producer Scotty


Time: 05/14/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler for this weeks serving of craziness and all the things you need to know to get you through your week. Join the group (Violette, Maddie, Double K and DJ Chris) for this weeks topics which include, public deification, Italian names, NHL playoffs, and a bouncy house that blows away. On this weeks Vs Violette we welcome Cory aka that guy from Calgary. We talk with him about hand made guitars before we start the contest. It's 80's music trivia. Can Violette squeak out a legitimate win? Then this weeks main sex topic is How to tell if a woman is faking an orgasm. It turns into a whole conversation about the big O. Producer Scotty and his gal Angie stop by for a while, and things get a little retro. Double Talk Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and check out the home page at Next week.....More of the same. Cheers!

This is the video DJ Chris was talking about at the end of the show


Double Talk Radio 2014 eps 11-DDP and Trivia Orgy

Featuring Diamond Dallas Page and Dennis Hof

Time: 05/07/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome to a very special episode of DTR with your hosts Violette, Maddie, DJ Chris and Double K. Two special guests enter the water cooler this week. First up its former 3 time WCW Heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page. DDP talks about his early days of pro wrestling, how he broke in, and how he shot to the top. Hear about his dealings with such greats has Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting, and Paul Heymen. Then its the story of DDP Yoga. What it is, and why it started. How did DDP help his mentor Jake the Snake Roberts go from near death to reaching the WWE Hall of Fame just 2 months ago.

How does he feel about Kevin O'leary and Nancy Grace? Second up its time for everyone's favorite game Vs. Violette and this weeks its a handy cap match with famous brothel owner and HBO TV star Dennis Hof and a whole room full of bunnies. The topic this week is How Well Do You Know Sex. Listen has Violette stands alone against Dennis and room full of professional ladies. How can DK let Hof leave without asking if Rob Ford is in his care for rehab. Whats up with Ron Jeremy and Myley Cyrus? Thats not all kids how about a pit bull biting a mans penis, and 27 things women hate that men do in bed. Oh and its international clitoris week, and Maddie drops a bomb. Double Talk Radio airs live at 9pm eastern every Wednesday on AllradioX, and check out the home page at Until we meet again, happy listening.


Double Talk Radio 2014 Episode 10

Don't cry over spilled beer


Time: 04/30/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back. Lets set the stage DK rushes into studio ready to rock it out. This weeks guest has rescheduled to next show. All good we still have DJ Chris, Violette and Maddie. Except, in his excitement DK spills his beer. He quickly passes the mic to DJ so he can tell us about his rendezvous last week, Then its on to porn hub. They have apparently taken an interest into the environment. For every 100 views of a certain category they will plant a tree. A discussion about the recent botched capital punishment in Oklahoma, results in an interesting conversation. Vs Vi returns this week with a special chemistry challenge against or own DJ. I would say you need to listen but isn't the outcome always the same. This prompts DK to issue a challenge to Violette. Beat me on May 14th and I will relinquish control of the show for 1 month. Interesting. We do pretty good for having no guest this week. Next week its former WCW wrestling champ and creator of DDP Yoga Diamond Dallas Page, and our good friend Dennis Hof stops by with a bunny to play Vs Violette. DTR airs every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and check out the home page at


Double Talk Radio 2014 ep 9-We are back!

Maddie the co host debut and Dennis Hof


Time: 04/23/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Finally the crew of Double Talk returns to the water cooler. Its Double K and Violette and the debut of a brand new co host Maddie. Maddie joins the team with the departure of our beloved Matty the co host, he is leaving to pursue some other ventures with his stand up comedy. But he promises to come and visit us lots so keep your ears pulled. Maddie comes to us with lots of experience on music radio shows. 

Oh and wheres the DJ? He has a date. Im sure we will hear about that next week. On with the show...DK is happy to have is voice back and is ready for a verbal duel with the ladies tonight. Our buddy Dennis Hof of HBO's Cathouse and the world famous Bunny Ranch is our guest tonight. We talk with him about a recent article stating the 8 things that are wrong with sex education in the USA and how he suggests he can help. Does he think an experienced womans privates are like used chewing gum. Also we chat about the young man who asked Miss America to the prom and got suspended. Dennis also has some tips on how to take care of a woman. He invites Violette to come down and visit him for an encounter. Does she except. Finally before his departure a challenge is made for one of his bunnies to appear for some vs Violette on a future episode.

Violette tells us about her newest cat on Second Life. Did she just say Mega Puss. Here we go!. There is a new powdered alcohol on the market, an 18 year old intoxicated girl is taken from the prime ministers house in Canada over the weekend, and Producer Scotty calls into the show. We had no challenger for vs Violette so DK calls back the Pizza Parlor with the marijuana fused pies and this time he gets the owner. Always a blast at the good ole water cooler. We broadcast live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and check out the home page for all past episodes at

This is Violette's Megapuss

***Next weeks headliner--Diamond Dallas Page***


Testicular Difficulties 6-Never again-Were Back
With Miki Sudo and Brian Crean


Time: 04/16/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: One last show that's it. Never again, shall we be convinced to do something has trying as Testicular Difficulties. Gary Girth, X Lax, Professor Fleet, Vio Hazzard, its all coming apart at the seams. Not only is the cast getting sick of their roles but Double K almost loses the guest because of the offensive nature of the show title. Offensive us? Never not us. Well anyway Lent ends tomorrow and with it shall be the triumphant return of Double Talk radio and our real names. Kind of. Anyhow its a festive mood around the water cooler tonight right off the bat and heres what we got. First Brian Crean from Metal Thunder Radio stops by the studio to play Vs Violette, in a special music challenge. Dare we ask how the 1-6 Violette fairs in this contest. Then the number one female Competitive Eating Champion stops by and tells us all about the world of ultimate noshing. Everything from icecream, hot dogs and chicken wings to deep fried asparagus. She tells us all about her adventures on the tour. Gives the girls some advice on weight, after all Miki only weighs 125lbs and thats a girl that can eat 48 hot dogs in one sitting.

We lose Matty at the end, So DK decides to call a very cool pizza joint. This place serves marijuana infused pizza. How do you get one? Don't get your hopes up yet. With all this, we still have a normal banter and some weird news. We find out what its like to be a Catholic/Jew, the DJ sets up a poll, a rap star attempts suicide and cuts his penis off first and American Airlines found the missing plane in some girls vagina, Never a dull moment at this joint. Double Talk Radio is back! It airs every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and be sure to check out the home page at


Testicular Difficulties 5-Take this job and shove it!

With Airforce Amy, Joe Blumm and Mizz Barbie Bitch


Time: 04/09/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: The Cult of Lent is starting to wind down but we aren't. Gary Girth, Professor Fleet, Vio-Hazzard and X-Lax are your hosts for the week. This week we welcome a slew of guests. It's Happy Rez day for Vio-Hazzard. Joe Blumm the guy from a Michigan gas station, who was fired after a note he left his boss went viral is in the studio. 

Then its Airforce Amy from the world famous bunny ranch. Besides HBO, Hustler TV, Playboy Channel and Howard Stern, you can now add us to the list. Find out about how she got her name, her time in "active" duty, life at the bunny ranch, her recent plastic surgery, and an interesting experience with Ron Jeremy. The cast seems to be split on how they feel about pictures Amy is tweeting to Gary Girth to promote the show. Check us out on Twitter at @Watercoolerdk. Somehow we get on the topic of collagen injections for the clitoris, and vaginal reconstruction. Vio-Hazzard then steps up for another round of Vs. Violette when our friend, favorite dom and Toronto mayoral candidate, Mizz Barbie Bitch stops by to challenge our resident ding dong. Before the game begins she promises us a big announcement and some serious swag to give away on next weeks show. There is a new app to make you shed pounds on your selfie, a woman stops for ice cream during a naked romp at Mcdonalds, and a penis festival in Japan in this weeks weird news. 

X-Lax has a new character and we need you to choose his name. You can here the show and join the hosts and guests in chat every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and check out the home page at Next week its the final week of Lent. Which means the last Testicular Difficulties. 

Next week world female competitive eating champion Mikki Sudo


Testicular Difficulties 4-A Virgin Auction

Appearing this week-Chet Siegel, Elizabeth Raine and Vicki Wagner


Time: 04/02/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: A big welcome back to our cult of Lent, for our first show of April. Its talk radio without rules and we have a jam packed show in store for you. Vio-Hazard, Gary Girth, X-Lax and Professor Fleet are your humble facilitators this week. First off we have the Coronation ceremony to crown Vio-Hazzard has the new queen of burps (See episode 3). Next up its Chet Siegel from Guyism. Guyism is one of our favorite sites for weird news and cool topics. She shares some inside secrets, and behind the scenes stories about life at Guyism.

Then its off to the much anticipated Liz Raine. A 27 year old medical student and oh yes a virgin. Liz is auctioning her virginity off on line. Yes we have her live in studio and we are going to try and answer all the questions you have. Find out why she waited, what is motivating her, what she is expecting. Finally but certainly not least we welcome back tv host/stand up comedian Vicki Wagner. Vicki is here to challenge Vio-hazard this week on vs. Violette. Its V vs. V in sex and sex toy trivia. Can Vio-Hazard make it 2 in a row?

We also talk about a man in California who was washed out to sea while performing a baptism. Talk about divine intervention. A new fad that sees kids smoking coffee grinds and Vi has a new microphone. Did I mention this whole giving up our names for Lent is wearing thin? Can you sense the frustration and the tension? Testicular Difficulties airs live every Wednesday on Be sure to check out the home page for all past episodes, to leave us a voice mail or email the show at Coming up next week Dennis Hoff presents Airforce Amy live in studio and The man whos note to his boss went viral and cost him his job. Joe Blumm is also on the show.

Coming Next Show, April 9 2014 9pm eastern
It's Airforce Amy


Testicular Difficulties 3-Southern Belle vs The Queen of the Burps

First time ever on internet radio.  A belching contest

This weeks guest Jodie Parks


Time: 03/26/2014 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Welcome back to what only can be billed has the Cult of Lent. Violette has been anxiously preparing for her challenge this week on Vs Violette. The southern belle who does not even belch in front of others must now put all her fears aside as she faces off in the first internet talk radio live burping challenge. Enter the opponent. This weeks Guest Jodi Parks. T.V. and film ghost hunter and The Queen of Burps. Jodi was the first ever Guinness Book of World Records holder for loudest burp by a female. She has been featured on such shows has, Howard Stern, Steve Harvey, 20/20, and Huff Post Live. So does Vio-hazzard go to 0-5 you will have to listen to find out. The stage is set. Jodi lets out a championship belch! How does our host respond. One more sip of the concoction Double G has prepared and...

Also up on tonight's show. Jodi sticks around our humble abode and discusses her experiences in the paranormal field and her opinion of her colleagues. We learn that our own X-Lax is a bit of a ghost hunter himself. There's a new game going around facebook for breast cancer awareness have you used your boobs to get out of a speeding ticket? The fog horn continues to run wild and there is so much more, if you would just give us a listen and tell a friend. Testicular Difficulties is heard live every Wednesday night on and check out the home page at 

Coming up next week live April 2nd 2014, We have Elizabeth Raine a 27 year old virgin from Australia. Who is auctioning her virginity on line. h ttp://

 Chet Siegal a you tube VJ and columnist for Guyism is here and Vicki Wagner returns to face off on Vs Violette. We will hear you there!

Testicular Difficulties 2- The Hick is back and a combo for 40 bucks
This week-THE Cheap Country Hick and Mizz Barbie Bitch


Time: 03/19/2014 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Welcome back to the land of the strange boys and girls. The revenge of Lent continues with Gary Girth, Vio-Hazard, Professor Fleet and X-Lax. Our first guest this week is Mizz Barbie Bitch and she has officially kicked off her campaign to whip Toronto into shape, has their new Mayor. We get updated on her goings on, including an upcoming interview with a National Newspaper, where she claims a mention is coming to your favorite internet radio show. Of course we talk about Rob Fords latest escapades as well. Then in the second hour we welcome back an old friend Kevin Schmidt the Cheap Country Hick to hang out for a while. He is this weeks guest contestant on vs Violette. This weeks game is Fucked Up Feud and the winner is? Does Violette end her streak?

Mizz Barbie Bitch is officially in the race for Mayor of Toronto

We decide to have the Hick call back our Chinese massage parlor in Seattle, where we discover a combo deal for only 40 bucks! Such a good deal that Double G calls back to reserve for a whole bus. Someone tweets a photo of a penis on the news, 5 things in porno's, you should never try in real life, a serial urinator is on the loose, and a man is attacked at Taco Bell for Burping. We air live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and be sure to check out the home page 

Coming next week.
The Queen of the burps, Jodie Parks
 Seen on Howard Stern, 20-20, Guinness Book of World Records, Travel Channel, Huff Post Live, and the Steve Harvey show


Double Talk Radio presents....
Testicular Difficulties- Never Ending Lent 
Guests Vicki Wagner and Producer Scotty


Time: 03/12/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: The only one having a hard time getting on air is? You guessed it! Winner winner chicken dinner. Wow, where to start this week. We gave up Double Talk Radio for Lent, hence Testicular Difficulties. See previous episode. Tonight we are joined by TV host, stand up comedian , Vicki Wagner has our guest. We talk about the missing plane MH370, orientals, is peeing in the pool bad for your health and how to make your "who who" taste better. We love Vicki so much we ask her to stay a little longer. DK plays the actual 911 call of the family trapped in their bedroom because they are being attacked by a 22 pound Himalayan cat. Matty is late again because of technical difficulties. His guilt ridden Lent of not swearing is over! DJ Chris has decided he needs a good job to pay for his shopping addiction. Wait till you hear what he has in mind. Oh good ole Violette. She attempts another round of VS. Violette with this weeks guest Producer Scotty.

How does she fair? Find out during Do you have a dirty mind, what am I? Finally DJ Chris also feels guilty about Lent, so we convince him to give up his name. What results may confuse you even more. For the next 4 weeks your hosts will be Double G (Gary Girth), Professor Fleet (DJ Chris), X-Lax (Matty the co host), and Vio-Hazzard (Violette). There you go. We probably didn't cover everything. So go ahead and listen. Testicular Difficulties is recorded live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on Check out the home page at We have no idea whats up next week so just come and listen.


DTR 2014, Episode 8-Lent, Tribond, and Hot Pockets
Mizz Barbie Bitch, Maddie F-Bomb, Producer Scotty

    Listen Here

Time: 03/05/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: If you think this weeks show is anything like we advertised. Scratch that, come listen and lets move on. Let me start with this. Double K thought it was Friday. We talked about Lent, but we will come back to that. Mizz Barbie Bitch is on the show as advertised. Once we get through a little Skype issue, we get updates on her mayoral campaign, feelings on Rob Fords appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and the other goings on of a high profile dominatrix. Its time for Violette to give another try on Vs. Violette. You may recall she lost a tie breaker last week. Producer Scotty who was supposed to play, says his alarm did not go off. So enter long time listener Maddie F Bomb to challenge Vi. This weeks game is Tribond. Does Violette redeem herself? Next DK attempts to tell a story about a new vibrator that can make women orgasm on demand. Only problem is its surgically implanted and shaped like a cigarette pack, next there is a story about a young man who screwed a hot pocket to get more followers. Can you see where all this is going? Anyway during the Lent conversation and continuous pressure from Violette, DK decides to give up the name of the show for 40 days. So we took ideas and had a vote. Double Drunk Radio, Back Talk Radio and the winner Testicular Difficulties.
Thats right for the next month and a week, DTR will be known has TD Radio. So we will be back next week same staff same format, Just a crazy new fu#$@d up name. Alas all that aside Scotty did wake up and come on for a visit. He gives us an update on a certain Get Go employee. Yes and there is so much more. We were having so much fun that we recorded an after show with all kinds of goodies. Check out the home page at to find out how you can obtain it. Testicular Difficulties can be heard every Wednesday night at 9pm EDT on Oh the reason we didn't mention the serial dater, she had to cancel. All good though Erin Wotherspoon will be giving us updates on taking her serial dating to New York City next week!! By for now!

****Next Week**** 

The Serial Dater Returns


DTR 2014 Ep 7 Off the beaten track
featuring vs. Violette with guest Dick Pretzel


 02/19/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler. Sometimes on the show we just go off the beaten path. Tonight is one of those nights, the whole gang is in attendance. Double K, Violette, Matty and DJ Chris. Its time for the first installment of Vs. Violette, where a guest challenges Violette in a game of the Game Masters (DK) choosing. Tonight Beat the Clock. Violettes opponent is Dick Pretzel from the Bowling Nun Circus. After a minute and a half of trivia questions we are all tied at 2, so DK devises a tie breaker. A spin on the Prank Wheel of Fate. Dick excepts and Violette declines, so we call a Chineese Massage Parlor. DK decides to bring up the topic of fleet enema's and wishes he hadn't. A new way to enjoy the Olympics, sex toys, and some other random shit. Double Talk Radio is recorded live on every Wednesday night at 9pm EDT and be sure to check out past episodes on the home page over at


Our Valentines show-A Dominatrix and a MILF 
with Mizz Barbie and Susanna Brisk

Episode Notes: Valentines not really a holiday that we care to recognize. In a serious way anyway. Tonight we present a couple of special ladies. First up Mizz Barbie Bitch a Toronto Dominatrix who has offered to whip Mayor Rob Ford into shape. She shares her plans, talks about bringing in a Rob Ford look alike to an up coming show. The bomb drops when Mizz Barbie declares on our show, that she is officially running for Mayor of Toronto. What are her campaign plans? 

Then next up its everyone's favorite MILF, the Malibu Mom Susanna Brisk. Her claim to fame for tonights show was a blog heading that read "I am going to Masturbate for you". Susanna has been trying out a different sex toy each day leading up to Valentines and blogging about it. Susanna has us in stitches during our conversation with her. Listen has she asks Matty about Pegging, then she decides to interview Violette about her masturbation habits. She tells us her take on being a single mother of 2 small boys. Also on tap, whats a FILF? Flappy Bird is dead and a suicide bomb instructor that blows up his class during a demonstration. The weather sucks right now, so why not laugh? Its good for you. Double Talk Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm EDT on and check out all past episodes on the home page at

Check out the Malibu Mom's Blog here


DTR 2014 EP5 Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase


Time: 02/05/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Come join us this week at 20 thousand feet. This weeks guest is Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase. Betty is a real life stewardess, who has been flying for 20 years for a major airline. She has been featured on the BBC, Readers Digest and the New Yorker. Betty has her own podcast and a book. Tonight she shares some funny tales with us. Listen to stories about flight attendants, pilots, and passengers and some of the crazy things they do. Betty is also an adventure traveler, she tells us about losing camels in the Sierra dessert, and jumping off a moving train. Wait thats not all. DK addresses the fallout from the snowball conversation, then carefully inserts a story of his own about Japanese valentines. We have someone listening called Noopengoo, and yes we have some fun with that. DJ Chris talks revenge porn, Violettes playing farmville, Facebook turns 10 and of course we close things out with a prank. Tonight DK calls a pizza joint in San Francisco, suggested by a listener. Wait till you hear the names of the pizza's. DK chooses his order and asks for some special sauce. Double Talk Radio is recorded live every Wednesday on and check out all the episodes at Next week its our Valentines Special. Instead of love, we talk sex with Mistress Barbie Bitch and comedian Susanna Brisk.

Check out Bettys web page here

Podcast-Book-Media appearances 


DTR 2014 Ep4-Superbowl wings and snowballs
Recorded live 01-29-14
Listen Here

Time: 01/29/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: This is what happens kids when don't have a plan going into a show. But we think it is sure to entertain. DJ, DK, Violette and Matty are all in the house and ready for action. Here are just some of this weeks going on. A fierce winter storm called Leon, a petition to have Justin Beiber deported, we tell you about a different kind of snowball, the benefits of lifting weights with your vagina, an opera singer with a strange problem, and of course with the Superbowl around the corner we talk chicken wings. What better way to find out about chicken wings then call some Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants. New Jersey, Denver and Seattle locations. We prank the Get Go in Pittsburgh, and Producer Scotty. Oh there's so much more but why don't you just listen. Double Talk Radio is recorded live every Wednesday at 9pm EDT on and check out the home page Coming next week...Betty in the sky. The friendly skies wont be so friendly any more.


This weeks Double Talk Radio podcast.  Skeptic vs Believer w/ David Baker

Listen Here

01/22/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: We drop the gloves this week at the water cooler, for our Skeptics vs Believers edition. The cast is split down the middle. Team Violette, with DJ Chris, believes in the paranormal and the readings they have recieved. Team Double K with Matty the co host does not believe and needs some convincing. The mediator is this weeks guest, spirit medium David Baker. He is the author of several books, including The Spirit Garden and hosts his own radio show, Beyond the Gate Radio. David answers our questions, gives some readings for 2014 and explains the different types of physic powers. Does this weeks show change anyone's mind? Stay tuned. Also on the show, more Bieber and Rob Ford, and we discuss a story about a guy in New Mexico, who was suspected of having drugs. Simply because he was clenching his buttocks. A conversation about enemas, butt chugging, and colonoscopies ensues. Double Talk is recorded live every Wednesday night at 9pm edt on and you can check out all past shows and news at Next week more pranks, weird news, hot topics and shenanigans.


For more information on what we discussed on the show and David Baker Click Here

DTR 2014 Ep2-The Producer stops by.  Recorded live January 15, 2014


Time: 01/15/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: This week the whole crew is in tact. DK, Violette, Matty, and the DJ. Good ole Producer Scotty makes his return to the show with yet another tale from his real world job at the Get-Go in Pittsburgh. This time its about a brawl in the chip isle. Is Scotty still in one piece? Facebook. We all do it, we use it for so many different reasons. Tonight we take a look at the 12 personality types, and add some of our own. We discuss a man in India who claims drinking urine is good for you. We bring back the Prank Wheel of Fate and call, Wallgreens, and a Chinese massage. Violette has a story about dialing 911 from hotels, and the DJ reports on how local vendors are sabotaging surfers at the beach. Double Talk Radio is recorded live every Wednesday at and check out the home page Stay warm friends, we will see you again next week.

DTR 2014 Ep 1-Inside the Polar Vortex

Listen Here

Time: 01/15/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: This week the whole crew is in tact. DK, Violette, Matty, and the DJ. Good ole Producer Scotty makes his return to the show with yet another tale from his real world job at the Get-Go in Pittsburgh. This time its about a brawl in the chip isle. Is Scotty still in one piece? Facebook. We all do it, we use it for so many different reasons. Tonight we take a look at the 12 personality types, and add some of our own. We discuss a man in India who claims drinking urine is good for you. We bring back the Prank Wheel of Fate and call, Wallgreens, and a Chinese massage. Violette has a story about dialing 911 from hotels, and the DJ reports on how local vendors are sabotaging surfers at the beach. Double Talk Radio is recorded live every Wednesday at and check out the home page Stay warm friends, we will see you again next week.
Time: 01/08/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Welcome back for another year of Double Talk Radio. We are back for a 5th year and we are in the middle of a deep freeze. But despite the weather and a few of the hosts having technical difficulties we manage to pull this off. The first segment includes Violette and Double K having a disagreement on whether or not physics are real, and we talk about irresponsible dog owners. Matty makes it time for the first break and we are off to the races. Next we talk about the frigged cold weather and some of the crazy things people are doing. DJ Chris finally arrives for the second half and declares he has found true love. We recap festivus, talk about Dennis Rodman a woman who experienced a three hour orgasm, and a lady has sex with a gun. All this and much more on a very random DTR. Double Talk Radio airs live every Wednesday at 9pm edt on Podcasts are available on I tunes and Stitcher and check out the home page at Next week we are making some prank calls. Hear you there.

Matty's cooler full of beer for the show

Double Talk Radio presents Festivus Rebooted.

Listen Here

Time: 12/23/2013 07:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: In this our final show of 2013 broadcast live Monday December 23, we bring you something different. Welcome to our Festivus Rebooted show. 3 years ago, the original cast was having a show meeting preparing for the upcoming year. DJ Chris started telling DK and Viollette about a holiday event that he and his friends and family celebrated. DK was so blown away by it, he decided to record it. This show has never been aired live before. Tonight thanks to the amazing audio engineering of Violette we bring you some of the best parts of that show, has the DJ tells us about how he does Festivus. Then we bring on special guest Allen Salkin. Author of the Festivus Book, and we get the low down on the history and a behind the scenes look at this alternate December holiday. So get ready to air your grievances, perform feats of strength, and laugh away the holiday stress. With Violette and Double K has they relive the Festivus miracle of so long ago. Double Talk Radio is broadcast live every Wednesday night at 9pm edt on and check out the home page Next show-Matty and the DJ return for our first show of 2014. We will find out how DJ's Festivus went this year and how your favorite water cooler hosts spent their holidays.

Listen to the full length original Festivus show here 
Originally recorded January 2, 2011
Double Talk Radio-2013 Office Party
Recorded live 12-18-13

Listen Here

Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler for this years office Christmas Party. DK and Matty the co host are manning the studio this week as Violette and the DJ are unable to attend. We are joined by special guest Brian from Metal Thunder Radio (Mondays 9pm on Allradiox). This week we add a flavor of the holidays by calling Mr and Mrs Claus, find out what Santa really wants you to leave him Christmas eve. Double K calls a pizza joint to inquire about a holiday pizza. Backwards Christmas music trivia, a story of a cat in Iceland that kills bad kids, Santa Con in New York ends up in a brawl, and Mayor Rob Ford is dancing at a baptist church, and what the hell is Figgy pudding. Double Talk Radio airs every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on and check out the home page at Coming next week **A special Festivus remixed show on Monday December 23 at 7pm edt**

Double Talk Radio-The return of the serial dater
recorded live 12-11-13


Episode Notes: Tis the season and we have a wild time this week at the water cooler. Matty the co host returns to join the new line up with DK, Violette and DJ and it appears everyone is having a few drinks. Not to worry Violette keeps the boys in line for the show, kinda. The serial dater Erin Wotherspoon joins the gang tonight and gives an update on her activities. Erin tells us the worst restaurant she has visited, and DK decides to give them a call. Besides the guest here is what else we have. Matty has a story about a guy who got so sick of his gals shopping he jumped, Violette talks about cannibals in Germany, DK has a story on butt slapping, Obama selfies, how to interpret a sign language guy in South Africa, Violette delivers the 14 habits of highly unsuccessful people, and DK calls a pizza joint to see if they will deliver cold medicine with his pizza. Phone your friends and listen together. Double Talk is heard live every Wednesday night at 9pm est on and visit the home page for all past shows

Hangin around the water cooler

Listen Here


Episode Notes: Were just hanging out with all our friends at the water cooler this week, but fear not. Violette and Double K are in studio and the DJ is en-route to a bar and on the phone with us. First DJ Chris tells us about his adventure last Wednesday has he embarks on a new one. Is he broadcasting and driving? Is it dangerous? Then DK lets the cast in on a new discovery. It appears there are two young podcasters named Bren and DJ Silver who have laid claim to the show title. DK questions asks Violette if she has broken Virginia sex laws. Violette tells us which state has the biggest penis. Also on the show, 8 things the world is running out of, bulimic shoppers, the word of the week, a lady with a lost lottery ticket wins 50 million, instant replays in sports, Paul Walkers death, and so much more. Double Talk Radio is broadcast live every Wednesday night live at 9pm edt on and check out the home page for all past episodes and show news 

Next week Matty the co host makes his long awaited return and Erin Wootherspoon the serial dater is back.

Double Talk Radio Thanksgiving Reunion show-The return of the DJ 11-27-2013

Listen Here

Episode Notes: Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Allow us to offer up to you our special reunion show. This week another beloved old cast member returns to the water cooler to hang out for our holiday special. DK and Violette are reunited with long time show host DJ Chris. Its like we never missed a beat with this episode. DJ explains that he will have to exit early because Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest party night of the year. DK has a story about a ghostbuster in China that exorcises a haunted vagina, then Violette tells a story of the Scatomancer, that predicts the future by analyzing fecal matter.

Violette explains what a polyamorous relationship is, and DK has the word of the week is Punka. Does the panel really know what this means. Violette does a segment about not gaining weight over the holidays. Then Double K brings up a trending news topic called the Knockout Game. Its a party in the studio and in the chat. Why don't you come visit some time. Double Talk is live every Wednesday at 9pm EDT on and check out the home page

Hell Freezes over-Violette is back!


11/20/2013 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Hell freezes over tonight at the water cooler. After a 2 and half year absence from the show, Violette is back! Join us this week for a truly historical and fun episode. Matty the co host is away on tour but have no fear the show must go on and indeed it does. This weeks topics include an interview with Scott Weiner, who just got a Guiness world record for the largest pizza box collection. The second guest is Michael Li, his claim to fame is his site Toilet Finders and he is offering money to people who review public restrooms. Oxford dictionary has announced its new word of the year Selfie. We give you our take on that. Violette brings 23 things a woman should give up. Violette chooses this weeks music, and DK inserts a funny 911 call with a stoned cop, and a new parody called What Would Rob Ford Say. Its a special night for fans old and new. Will this be the beginning of the Ice Age on DTR? You will have to stay tuned. Double Talk Radio is heard live each Wednesday at 9pm EDT on and all shows are available at

This weeks show Attention Whores
with Dennis Kof
Erin Wotherspoon and Danny Trioxin


11/13/2013 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Its the Attention Whore Episode of the show this week, with a full panel of guests for your enjoyment. The first guest to join Matty and DK at the water cooler is the host of The Midnight Horror show, Danny Trioxin. We have a discussion about tampons and toxic shock syndrome, and we talk Movember and Matty's wifes fear of the beard. Next up its Dennis Hoff and his newest bunny Laylanni. Dennis gives us the rundown on the Justin Beiber story, and why he made him the offer of partnership. We also talk about the brothel business and his HBO show Cathouse. Then we have a chance to sit down with Erin Wotherspoon who has been dubbed the famous "Serial Dater". Listen has we get the scoop on her Social experiment, and her blog A Pennyless Girl, Bad Dates and Plenty of Oysters. Find out exactly how she does it, meets guys online, gets them to buy her dinner, dumps them, and then blogs about it. Then we spin the Prank Wheel of Fate to close things off. It seems DK has been violated again. Can Gordy help? Double Talk Radio airs every Wednesday at 9pm EDT on and check out the home page for all news and past episodes

This weeks episode, Blame Canada
Listen Here

11/06/2013 09:00 PM EST
 Episode Notes: Hidey Ho everyone time to strap in for this weeks Double Talk Radio. Tonight DK and Matty take their stab at investigative reporting, DK's beloved Canada seems to be front and center. First off DK explains the story of the crack smoking mayor Rob Ford. Also on tap tonight, DK calls a Pizza Nova in Toronto to find out why they followed him on twitter, then we talk about Justin Bieber being offered a job has a pimp by Dennis Kof at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. After getting no where with them we call Madam Bobby at the Shady Lady Ranch. DK and Matty decide they want jobs has pimps. We cover a story of 3 Seattle Bikini Baristas that get arrested for lude behavior, so we call their upscale competition across the street to get the scope. Then its the return of the much anticipated Prank Wheel of Fate. First Matty calls DJ T Boogie to book a Christmas Party, then DK calls Gordy at the UFO abduction hotline to report his experience. Double Talk Radio can be heard live every Wednesday night at 9pm est on and check out the home page at

Listen to the Double Talk Radio Halloween show here


10/30/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Its our favorite time of year and for this years Halloween special its DK and Matty joined by Mike and Mike (Sains and Marlow) on the panel. On this show besides the spooky stuff we have our explanation of the great giraffe challenge on Facebook, DK shows us just what the fox says, and Toronto's new serial dater. DK shows up dressed has Walter White in a meth suit and Matty is disguised has show friend the Hick. Matty shoots down Sains when he declares the supremacy of rap music, then DK brings the show back to order. Devils night then and now, horror movies, Sains teaches us a word that no one can spell, and is Hanna Montana getting closer to making a porn. Our plans for Halloween and so much more. Double Talk Radio airs every Wednesday at 9pm eastern, exclusively on and check out past episodes at

This Weeks Double Talk Radio-A Minage a Trois with DK, Matty and Jennie K
Listen Here

                                                                                   10/23/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Shocktober takes a back seat this week, so we can have a verbal minage a trois with DK, Matty and Jennie K. Hold on to your hats peeps heres what we have in store this week. DK tells a story about a marathon in San Francisco where calls to 311 are redirected to a phone sex line in Pennsylvania. Since our tarot card reader is a now show, Jennie K explains the Mercury Retrograde to us. We take a visit over to Meet an Inmate to explore some of our options, some crazy craigslist, what does the fox say anyway? We also introduce Matty to a sex cam site called Chaturbate. Double Talk Radio airs live each Wednesday at 9pm eastern on and check out the home page at Next week its Mike and Mike for Ha

Meet Tanya Craft our new friend from Meet an Inmate

Shocktober 2013 kicks off with a visit from Milly the witch
Listen to the show here

                                                                                        10/16/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Its that time of year again. Time for Shocktober to begin. This week Matty the co host returns to join DK for our annual Halloween event. We get a visit from Milly the real life witch. She tells us what its like to be a practicing wiccan and what exactly witches do on Halloween. The conversation includes breaking bread with ghosts and what witches hand out on Halloween. Yep its the real thing, cackle and all. Matty and the listeners then have their horror movie knowledge tested in Shocktrivia. Matty tells about his recent experience in a Hoccah bar, there is a story about a guy who shoots his neighbor downstairs, a real life vampire in New Guinea, and finger sodomizing. All this and so much more has we kick off the Shocktober series for 2013. Double Talk Radio airs live each Wednesday at 9pm eastern on and listen to all the past episodes at Next week Shocktober continues when the Energy Shifter Sharon Sinclair stops by the water cauldron to talk ghosts, exorcists, and tarot cards with Double K and Matty the co host.

Double Talk Radio with Jennie K 

Listen Here


 Another week without Matty the co host, due to his comedy tour. So this week Double K is joined by Jennie K, one half of the Brawdcast. The chat and video was down for the first half and then DK's mic blew out, but all in all it was a fast paced show. Jennie explains her conservative up bringing and her new approach towards sexuality, whats a goatsie? We dare you to google that one. Here is what else is on tap, a man gets his penis stuck in a toaster. What exactly is it doing there? Video games, football, beer, and of course sex all come up in the conversation. Halloween and ShoctOber are fast approaching. Jennie talks about her fear of horror movies. Double K and Jennie go over a list of some of the strangest Halloween items. Next week its the return on ShocktOber and Matty the co host. Double Talk Radio is live every Wednesday night 9pm eastern, exclusively on the X at and check out our home page for all past episodes at

Double Talk Radio 10-2-13 It's Mike and Mike to the rescue

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                                                                                 10/02/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Double K has Mike Sains and Mike Marlow in the studio this week, while Matty the co host is on his current comedy tour. DK starts by playing a wrestling theme for Sains and what ensues is a spirited conversation about wrestling, MMA vs Boxing and the Ulitmate Fighter tv show. Other topics covered this week are, America is shut down, furloughs, Sains reviews Grand Theft Auto 5, and gets DK and Marlow going about Mine Craft, Sains tells a story about a company that threw a party at a hotel to fire its employees, is Breaking Bad the best show ever, DK watches the new Star Trek movie, Stalone and Schwarzenegger are remaking Tango and Cash, movie remakes, Beauty queen porn star and the boys explain the Harlem Struggle, we preview the annual DTR Halloween event ShocktOber by discussing some horror movies. Double Talk Radio is recorded live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on and check out the home page Next week Double K is joined by guest co host Jennie K from the Brawdcast.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     09/25/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Are you ready? Its DK's birthday show and Matty the co host is away on business. For this special Double Talk we welcome show favorites Monica Hamburg from Dazed and Convicted and Travis Clark from Tiny Odd Conversations. Who is going to get the last word, during this weeks hard hitting, very funny episode. Here is a list what DK and his guests have in store for you. A man in Japan has been seen walking Vegetables like pets, Monica is having some strange dreams about vegetables, Myley Cyrus is at it again and DK cant resist, gunshot mistaken for girls first period, a woman who was telepathically raped by her neighbor, an exchange student that exorcises demons, and some funny headlines. The world is full of idiots and we are there to make sure they get their do. Double Talk Radio can be heard live every Wednesday night on Check out the home page See ya next week.

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09/18/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Matty the co host is back for this weeks show with Double K and special guest Susan Wygmans from Toggle the Switch. Listen in for these topics and more. Public masturbation is legal in Sweden, woman stabs ex because he's listening to the Eagles, online dating horror stories, theres controversy again with the Miss America pageant, we look at a new beauty product called the Uni Mask, and we have 17 bizarre sex facts. We are now live every Wednesday at and check out the home page at

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Episode Notes: Welcome to the water cooler, for this weeks show originally broadcast on September 11 on AllradioX. This week Matty is away on business, so Double K is joined by returning guest hosts, Mike Sains and Mike Marlow from the Tower of Sour Podcast. Never a dull moment with these gents. Here is whats on tap tonight, an in deph conversation about the worm Dennis Rodman announcing he is going to North Korea to coach their Olympic Basketball Team. This quickly spins into a conversation on how the Worm could save the world. Then DK reads Mikes latest article from the Lapine, about a new proof reading service from the NSA. Myley Cyrus is in the news or should we say nude again. All this and much more on this weeks episode. Check out the show each Wednesday 9pm eastern on and the home page at

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                                                                               09/04/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Another new beginning of sorts. Well kinda, sorta, not really. Its the same water cooler chat, with the same zany cast. But this time we are the flagship of a brand new radio network. AllRadioX. This is the show that kicked off the networks live programming and it was very exciting to do. Your panel tonight consists of Double K, Matty the co host, and special guest The Cheap Country Hick. On tonight's show-Its Mattys Moms birthday and they take her to a bingo, we talk about a polish girl who wants to sleep with 100,000 men, there`s a woman caught breastfeeding on a moped, woman blows 5 times the limit at a football game, we look at the most popular porn search terms, and our dating site of the week is What is dueling banjo karaoke? We play the prank wheel of fate and make some calls. Double K calls Flora the subway girl. All this and much more on this weeks Double Talk Radio heard live Wednesday 9pm eastern, on check out the home page

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Double Talk Radio w/ Buttrock Betty and Jennie K from the Brawdcast

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08/28/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Hold on tight friends. Even for us this one gets a little raunchy, but thats a good thing. Sex, sex and more sex is in store, when the first ladies of internet radio come to visit. Its Buttrock Betty and Jennie K from the Brawdcast. Here is some of what we cover this week. Mylie Cyrus is in the news have you heard? Our dating site of the week is DK reads the girls a list of 12 things that porn star Tasha Reign says rocks her world, see how our guests weigh in. Jennie K takes a spin on the Prank Wheel of Fate and steals the show. We call back our friend Flora the subway girl. Did we mention sex? Check out the home page at

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08/21/2013 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: Welcome back to the show. This week Mr Wednesday Night Double K and The Man of a Thousand Voices Matt Vanderpool welcome show friend the Cheap Country Hick, Kevin Schmidt. This weeks topics include, a recent tweet by Dr Phil, woman swallows a tape worm to lose weight, a story about a man with the name Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop, and there is no wrath like a husband scorned, when a Montreal farmer delivers some manure to his wife. Our dating site of the week is . Double K calls back Flora from Subway to see how she is doing. Finally we play the Prank Wheel of Fate, trying to buy a pizza shops sauce recipe. Be sure to check out the home page

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                                                                                         Time: 08/14/2013 09:00 PM EDT                                                                                                            Episode Notes: Welcome back water coolies! This week Mike Sains and Mike Marlow from the Tour of Sour Podcast make their return to the show. Sit back and buckle up kids, and get ready for a bumpy ride. Heres a snip-it of tonight's topics. Comic books and football get the show started, then DK reads Sain's newly printed article about seaborne pirates, a woman is pan handling in the panhandle to raise money for a boob job, we strike a nerve when a story comes up about a 76 year old firearms instructor who shoots a student, our dating site of the week is , and we chat about a Jerry Lewis you tube video thats appeared. Of course we play the Prank Wheel of Fate. This week Matty orders a P-I-Z-Z-A, then we have Sains call a brothel in Nevada. Be sure to check out the home page and like us on Facebook

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                                                                                  07/31/2013 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Lots going on at the water cooler this week. Its a double debut. First long time friend of the show Matt Vanderpool, assumes his new role of Matty the co host. We also have a special guest. Ed Wallick of Don't Quit Your Daycast. Its a celebration of Summer Camp and youth when we explore some funny stories. Like Ed's visit to Canada has a boy scout and his first experience with love, there is a young girl in Connecticut, suing a camp over a kiss with a boy. Or how about the parents who posted a sign in the bathroom for their young son to stop masturbating and using the towels. Then finally Ed tells us another story about a 15 year old girl, held prisoner at a pot farm in California and kept in a box. Of course we set up for the pranks, Elmer calls back a Wallgreens, because of a problem with his Viagra. Then its time for every bodies favorite, The Prank Wheel of Fate. Tonights calls include, Ed calling an Aikido trainer to inquire about becoming a ninja, a husband who does not know his wife is offering a dog sitting service, and many more. Theres lots of laughs and lots of belching on this weeks show. Check out the home page at and like us on Facebook
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With guest co hosts Matt Vanderpool and The Hick Kevin Schmidt
Introducing the Prank Wheel of Fate

                                                                                   07/22/2013 08:00 PM EDT 
Episode Notes: What are we doing at the water cooler on a Monday night. We cant do a show Wednesday this week. But this one is a classic. Its DK with his long time partners in radio crime, Matt Vanderpool and Kevin Schmidt the Cheap Country Hick. The main event on this night is the debut of something we call the Prank Wheel of Fate. On this night DK challenges the co hosts to spin the wheel, make the prank call and keep them on the line for at least 2 minutes. Hear has the Hick calls about a budgie he found. Then sit back and listen has Matty (playing Salamee Kar Pow Pow) inquires about a Brazilian wax. Also on board two new characters, Horace the Homeless guy, and Father MT Stein. Instagram photos at subway, house prices in Detroit, Mother hires prostitute for sons virginity, and Hick tells about a contest for the world smallest penis twice. The boys all go through a round of Freaky Friday, and Matt explains what EUI is, when he purchases a Maverick from Minnesota. Never a dull moment at the water cooler when the International Panel of Weird gets together. Check out the home page and like us on facebook

Double Talk Radio with Seth Wright from Tales from the Attic

  07/17/2013 09:00 PM EDT

Episode Notes: Welcome to internet radios water cooler, with your host Double K and this weeks guest co host Seth Wright from the hit comedy podcast Tales from the Attic. Seth is also a front man for the indy band Hexachord. On tonight's show here is whats in store. On a listeners tip we visit a dating sight for people with herpes, find out what we discover. We talk about a woman selling positive pregnancy tests online, Apple has a couple of new law suits, Facebook algorithms, and we look at the movie Sharknado. Beside Seths stories about the stress of moving, putting his show on hold and plans for his band, we get an exclusive about his lead singer trading in the microphone to fly helicopters. Find out what a barback is, and so much more, on this latest, unedited version of Double Talk Radio. Check out Tales from the Attic here Go to our homepage and donate to the show here and like us on Facebook at

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