Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 20-Double Talk Radio, farewell for now

Listen to this weeks Double Talk Radio here

Episode Notes: Adios amigo. Well not really. Double Talk Radio is back in hiatus after this episode, to make way for two new exciting shows. Bottom Line Sports and Reel to Reel Radio are 2 new shows that will be produced and staring DK, so DTR is back on the shelf. For now. Cookie your fired , don't look at my sandwich and a woman who calls 911 to have smokes delivered kick off the show. Then its 3 new funny videos featured in our Video of the Weak. Some interesting and useless facts about the porn industry, and a robot called Vomiting Larry fulfill the show. All shows will be available on demand on i tunes, stitcher, and

Watch the video of the live recording here

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