Thursday, November 29, 2012

This weeks episode of Double Talk Radio with Mike Sains

Listen to Vol 1 Episode 21 with Mike Sains HERE

Time: 11/28/2012 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: What a great way to wrap up November. This week at the water cooler we welcome Mike Sains from The Tower of Sour Podcast. We cover some really strange stories this week. Do adult film stars have more self esteem than their real world counter parts? A man calls 911 because his girl is beating him because he ends to soon. Woman with a stinky snatch holds men at knife point demanding to be licked. A Connecticut teen lands in hot water over urine infused cup cakes. Chris Brown's latest twitter feud. Mike tells of a past job in the hotel business and gives some warnings. Cookie springs a natural gas leak in her basement, and so much more. Monica Hamburg is back with her Moron of the Week segment. Join us for this spirited, funny, and strange installment of DTR. Don't forget the homepage Like us on Facebook

Listen to past episodes of The Tower of Sour here

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Wednesday on Double Talk Radio

Wednesday November 28th.  Join us at the water cooler, for a live recording of Double Talk Radio
with Cookie J , DK , and co-starring this weeks special guest Mike Sains 
From the Tower of Sour Podcast

Listen live here only on Double K Radio

Join this weeks panel  has we cover this weeks weird news, pop culture, current events and what ever else comes up.
Including some Crazy Craigslist
and the return of Monica's Moron of the Week

Monday, November 26, 2012

NNTN Radio 8 on demand

Listen to NNTN RADIO 8 Here

Recorded live November 25th 2012

Episode Notes: Here comes the International Panel of Weird. First on the list is some audio of the life coach falling asleep at the wheel yet again. We do our Boomerang Kid segment where Risa reports on the drama of a 47 year old woman living with Mom. We give advice on the do's and dont's of sneaking out of the house. We have a spirited conversation about escorts and prostitutes. Get a call from a guy who lost his sheep, and call Salamme Kar Pao Pao in New Delhi. All this and more in this light, yet fast paced episode. Visit the home page at Like us onFacebook

Friday, November 23, 2012

Double Talk and NNTN Radio when you can listen

Double Talk Radio 

Join us at the water cooler every week has we take you on a tour of all the weird news, pop culture and current events around the world.  We interview, unique, cool and funny guests from around the globe.  Including news makers, entertainers, and everyday people with interesting stories.  It's Double K and Cookie J, up close, uncensored, and in your face.

Live Wednesdays 9pm eastern

Replay Tuesday 8pm eastern 

Replay Friday 10pm eastern

NNTN Radio 

NNTN is not necessarily the news, no far from it. Join the International Panel of Weird every week for a crazy, fast paced and funny, romp around the world around us. What do you get when you mix two stand up comedians from the sticks, one who is stable and his not so stable sidekick, an unemployed life coach who is a food addict and lives with her mom, and a Canadian shock jock, just trying to keep it all together. We are not completely sure from week to week either. But its going to be fun! Improv and spontaneity are trump on NNTN Radio.

Live Sundays 9pm eastern

Replay Monday 9:30pm eastern

Replay Saturday Late Night 11:30pm eastern

You can also find both shows on demand.  Either, right here on the website, on I Tunes, Stitcher or Spreaker

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Double Talk Vol 1 Episode 20 Guest Christopher Roller

Here is episode 20.  Double Talk Radios exclusive interview with Christopher Roller

Listen to the show HERE

Time: 11/21/2012 09:00 PM EST
Episode NotesHappy Thanksgiving from your friends at DTR. This week at the water cooler we converse with our usual banter and weird news. That is until we bring in our guest for the evening. Enter Christopher Roller, a man who claims he is either a god or trapped in a real life Truman show of sorts. Why we brought him on air was his law suits of David Copperfield and David Blane for stealing his godly powers for their magic, and his subsequent patent for said godly powers. Now we really do try to give this guy a fair shot at pleading his case with us, but a pretty silly and fun time ensues. Beware the evil that is the Judges and the Psychiatrists he claims. Where are they when we need them is ours. Have fun! home page Facebook

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Double Talk Radio exclusive, this Wednesday

This Wednesday on Double Talk Radio, things get a lot weirder at the water cooler

We welcome Christopher Roller for this exclusive interview.
Watch this video where he talks about his Truman show and claims you can not kill him because he is immortal 

According to his website, Christopher Roller is a p
owerful being (as witnessed by the CIA) and Tom Hanks is going to play him in a movie about his God-like powers and 30 wives. Though Roller talks about his ability to have astral projected sex and to cheat death in a joking manner, he has filed several serious lawsuits. In 2005, Roller sued magician David Blaine for $50 million because, he claimed, Blaine was tapping Roller’s power to perform magic tricks. He also sued David Copperfield for similar magic-stealing. Yet, despite being all-powerful, Roller lost his case. But don’t worry, according to his website, he’ll keep suing.


Monday, November 19, 2012

NNTN Radio, a Very Risa Thanksgiving. Listen here

NNTN Radio Episode 7- A Very Risa Thanksgiving

NNTN RADIO 7g A Very Risa Thanksgiving Special
Time: 11/18/2012 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: It's time to kick off the holiday season with the International Panel of Weird. On tonight's show we bring you a plethora of goodies. We kick it off talking about of course, Thanksgiving traditions and the downfall of Twinkies. We receive another call from Elmer the confused old man, about his lost turkey. We cover some crazy stories like a guy who vomits from the balcony at a broadway show, and talk about a new sex robot guaranteed to give the ladies, bug eyed, amnesia inducing orgasms. Tonight's features include Salamme Kar Pao Pao and Virtual Risa. Also we get a call from Dr. Paul Teich, and Risa falls asleep, again! A fun way to spend your holiday festivities. Facebook home page

Special Bonus
Watch a brand new Cookie J Cartoon below
A Cheeseburger in Paradise

Saturday, November 17, 2012

International Panel of Weird records live Sunday November 18 9pm eastern

******NNTN Radio live broadcast.  Sunday November 18th 9pm eastern******

The International Panel of Weird wants to Save the Twinkies this Sunday.

Join IPOW this Sunday has they bring you the best in internet talk radio comedy with an all new episode.

-save the Twinkies (and the Ho Ho's and the King Dongs)
-Man vomits from the balcony in packed theater
-Octomom's kids record Christmas song
-Ohio cop suspended! For sticking head in a pail of urine
-Salamme Kar Pao Pao
and much much more

New NNTN Radio commercial 

Double Talk Radio, an interview with a Vampire

Here is Double Talk Radio Vol 1 Episode 19
An interview with a Vampire Belfazaar Ashantison 

Time: 11/14/2012 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: This week at the water cooler, DK and the Cookie introduce you to a real life Vampire. That's right this week we welcome Belfazaar Ashantison or as DK refers to him Zaar. Zar is what is described as a Sanguinarian or a Vampire that consumes human blood. He also claims Voodoo has his religion. Listen to find out more in this very light hearted interview. We also cover the weeks weird news. Featuring, Coffee to be extinct? I friended myself on Facebook, man has sex with statue, and an Arizona woman runs her husband over with car. Chonilla returns to the show with a brand new segment. Never a dull moment around this joint. Facebook Home page

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NNTN Radio 6, on demand

Listen to NNTN Radio #6 here

Time: 11/11/2012 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Enter our International Panel of Weird. For this weeks installment of the show. Here is what we discuss with the gang. There is chicken poop bingo, a breast feeding doll, the world record for donated breast milk, a girl steps into a rattlesnake nest, trying to get acell phone signal, an old urine wheel that doctors would use to smell and taste pee to diagnose patients, and Cookie talks golden showers. We call Salami Kar Pao Pao and talk about the public defecation problem in India. We get another wrong number call into the show, and Cookie updates us on how things are going after moving in with her mom. Dont forget to like us on the new facebook page http://www.facebook/NNTNRadio home page

Monday, November 12, 2012

AFTERMATH Web TV episode 2

Here is the second installment of Aftermath with Double K.  This week DK discusses S&M vs Sexual Coercion, answers some viewer mail, does an affirmation with Cookie, and gives a sneak preview of a new commercial.
Aftermath with DK is a weekly Web TV series.

Friday, November 9, 2012

NNTN Radio hits late night radio

The international panel of weird is heading to late night radio.
This Saturday night at 11:30pm eastern 

The show will still be live on Sundays right here 

Don't forget a brand new episode of AFTERMATH with Double K will be posted on Saturday November 10th

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Double Talk Radio Vol 1 Episode 18 listen here

Listen to Double Talk Radio Vol 1 Episode 18***Public urination and tipping HERE

 Double Talk Radio Vol 1 Eps 18-Public urination and tipping delivery guys
Time: 11/07/2012 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: A new storm is approaching known as Son of Sandy, so we are taking refuge at the water cooler. We take a grand tour of what is happening in the world around us. DK reports on a couple of stories that involve public urination, and the conversation goes into tipping delivery drivers. What exactly is in the chiefs peace pipe anyway. Cookie reports a woman who is forced to where a sign in public after avoiding a stoppedschool bus. DK is touring Craigs List, where the shortage of gas is leading to sexual opportunities. Cookies E bay segment tells us of a mummified pig fetus. Masturbation and toy trains, marijuana is legalized and a whole lot more. Visit the homepage and support or sponsors

^^^^Keep watching for the new episode of Aftermath with Double K^^^^

Monday, November 5, 2012

NNTN Radio Episode 5-recorded November 4th

Here is NNTN 5 S&M vs Sexual Coercion
recorded live on 11-04-12

*****Listen Here*****

Episode Notes: NNTN Radio's debut show on WGIR radio in Boston and its coming at you hard. We welcome the return of Irving the Intern at his new post of executive producer, and he waists no time with Risa. Apparently he has placed a trap door under her chair. Listen to what happens. Also a German fellows bad luck, leads us into a discussion on S&M vs Sexual Coercion and is there really a difference. We think Cookie is broadcasting from her car and the battery goes dead. Some old guy dials the studio thinking he has the pharmacy. We call Salami Car Pao Pao over in New Delhi. Theres lots more stuff so listen in. Homepage Facebook Don't forget to watch the new Web TV Series Aftermath with Double K

Don't forget you can listen live Sunday nights 9pm est on Double K Radioor on Mondays at 9:30pm est on WGIR Radio 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Premier episode of AFTERMATH with DOUBLE web TV series

Here is the first episode of the new weekly Web TV series AFTERMATH with DOUBLE K

In this weeks episode DK introduces the co-hosts on NNTN Radio, makes a hurricane Sandy care package for Cookie J, and rants about some annoying on air habits of a certain co-host.

Be sure and stick around for the bloopers at the end!


Every week Join DK on his newest venture, Aftermath.  Each week he will release a short video where he will review, topics, videos, and pictures of subjects talked about on the show and buzzing around the internet.  He will also do exclusive weekly rant's not available on the radio shows.  Plus bloopers of the show, at the end each week.

Now you to can, not only listen to DK on your favorite shows but watch him too.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Web TV series: Aftermath with DK

Join internet talk radio host Double K on his new Web TV show, Aftermath with Double K.  A new weekly video production.

 Every week Join DK on his newest venture, Aftermath.  Each week he will release a short video where he will review, topics, videos, and pictures of subjects talked about on the show and buzzing around the internet.  He will also do exclusive weekly rant's not available on the radio shows.  Plus bloopers of the show, at the end each week.

Now you to can, not only listen to DK on your favorite shows but watch him too.

We will be releasing a new episode each week.  Beginning Saturday November 3rd on YOU TUBE, Facebook, and right here on Double K Radio