Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shocktober wraps up with Todd Card and Hell Cometh with him!

Ok Zombie nation this week on Double Talk Radio, ShocktOber wraps up on Halloween night with the return of Hell Cometh author TODD CARD.
Special Time Wednesday 10pm est

Todd has appeared many times with us on the show, but we never know what to expect each interview is different then the last.  We will definitely be talking some Zombies.  Other than that, you can expect to hear Todd in a more relaxed setting than most radio interviews.  Get to know the man behind the story,  and what drives him to write the way he does.
Do you have questions?  Join us in the interactive chat room or email your question to Double K

About the guest

Todd’s traveled extensively with his family, while experiencing tremendous success with creative endeavors. 
His inventive spirit and relentless persistence stretch back to his roots in the coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains. In 2006, he left a corporate management career as an executive multimedia/graphic designer to succeed as an entrepreneur and pursue a lifelong dream of creative writing. These days Todd's a full-time freelance writer, online journal content editor, and e-book author. He's an active member of several creative writing and critique organizations, including the Southern Horror Writers Association. Currently, he lives with his wife and two daughters in Indianapolis.

This macabre tale will usher your captivation through the razor thin veil between the world of the living and the infernal domain of the walking dead. Hell Cometh is an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of gruesome zombie gore and soul-chilling horror. You immediately plunge into hopeless terror, before barreling through astonishing plot twists and shocking revelations you’ll never see coming.
     The story takes place in the fictional coal mining community of Wisdom, which is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia. The riveting pages dissect the intricate layers of an unassuming hamlet’s secretive residents to reveal a writhing cesspool of moral debasement cloaked in sanctimonious conservatism.
     Unique and memorable characters thrive before you descend again into traumatizing imagery with the release of a merciless orgy of monstrous butchery. Then, the plot spirals to dizzying heights of unyielding suspense and hair-raising action as sparse collections of survivors find themselves trapped in the center of town with dwindling resources and no way out. While fighting to stay alive, they discover a horrendous secret that’s remained hidden under their noses for decades.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Introducing the International Panel of Weird live Sunday

The Panel of Weird returns this Sunday at 9pm eastern.  The live recording can be heard Right Here

Join DK, Matt Vanderpool, Kevin Schmidt and Risa Cookie J in the show that has been billed.  Prime time talk radios prime time comedy sensation, where randomness and spontaneity is trump!
Its two contrasting stand up comedians from the sticks in Ohio, an unemployed life coach with a food addiction that lives with her mother, and a Canadian shock jock trying to hold it all together.

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Here is what's brewing on the burner for this week

The long awaited return and debut of Irving the Intern on NNTN Radio

Another call to Sallami (Sammy) Kar Pao Pao.  At the call center in New Deli

Plus some Halloween fun facts, some weird people and stories from around the globe.  Lord only knows what else will happen.

NNTN Radio is not necessarily the news.

There is still time to win this!  Click Here.

*****NNTN Radio is coming to WGIR Radio in November, Monday's 11 pm eastern*****

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Double Talk news---Can you believe this is not a photo

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This is not a photograph

Diego Fazio is a 22 year old self-taught artist living in Italy. He began his career designing tattoos and perfected his photorealism technique over a period of several years.
In his home country, he won an award in 2011 for Best New Artist and has been gaining fame and accolades every since. With art like this, it's easy to see why.
Amazing that this entire picture was drawn by hand.  This chap drew the whole thing with a pencil.  Wow!

Remember Tonight live right here on Double K Radio at 9pm eastern.  ShocktOber continues on Double Talk Radio.  This week we bring back KW Kesler to talk about his two new books, black eyed kids, moth man and other fun Halloween stuff.  Join us.

Miss the show?  Catch replay's at
Friday 7pm eastern on Rant Radio
Tuesday 8pm eastern on WGIR (Wicked Good Internet Radio)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Double Talk Radio News

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This is your Brain on Bath Salts

From Huffington Post

Meet Bryan Lewis Saunders, an artist who's spent more than 10 years making self-portraits while on a variety of drugs.
Saunders took bath salts in March and drew a picture of himself. Bath salts are synthetic drugs that are causing nationwide panic as newspapers link the easily accessible substance to violent -- and sometimes fatal -- outbursts.
Heinous crimes have indeed been connected to bath salts. Earlier this month, Ronnie Lee Hardesty allegedly took a hammer to a church door and interrupted the congregation while high, and Brandon DeLeon took "Cloud 9" -- one variation of the drug -- before he tried to bite cops.
But Saunders, a peaceful man who claims he "doesn't do drugs," chalks all the bath salts attacks up to psychos going psycho. It's not going to turn the user into a face-biter, Saunders says, unless that person is predisposed to face-biting.
"It's a misconception that the drug causes these attacks -- it's crazy," Saunders told HuffPost Weird News. "Now, it's a terrible terrible drug to do. But bath salts in itself isn't evil."
So what does doing bath salts feel like? Saunders said he's only tried any given drug -- except for weed -- one time. But he said bath salts gave him the worst trip of all.
"It made me angry, ornery, just gave me a real vicious angst," he said. "It's like a dark cloud of doom settling on your shoulders. Your brain gets really clogged.
"You just want it to end -- I'd never ever do it again," he added.
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Coming to Shocktober on Double Talk Radio Wednesday October 24th 9pm eastern

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Have you listened yet, NNTN is taking the airwaves by storm.

***We are back live Sunday 9pm eastern***
October 21st
Right here on Double K Radio

Everyone is talking about the weirdest, most dysfunctional and witty, radio panel on the air waves.  
It's 2 stand up comedians from the hicks, an unemployed life coach from Philly.  Who lives with her over bearing mother, and a shock jock from Canada.
They have and will cover any topic, any news story.  No matter how taboo to other shows or main stream media.
Coming up this week

Risa Cookie J is desperately trying to move out from moms house.
Find out what career moves the panel suggests.

OJ wants to sell the murder weapon

Honey Boo Boo does a dramatic reading

Mom and daughter fight over discarded tampon.
Patrons disturbed over couple having sex on table
Woman dies after being injected with soup
Should it stay or should it go
Facebook news
and much much more


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The return of the Bumblin Bumpkins live on stage

join Kevin Schmidt and Matt Vanderpool  at the VFW Post 1182, Forest, OH, on November 16 for a free comedy show starting at 8pm. There will also be a fish fry from 5 to 7 pm for a mere $8! We will also be playing "Stump the Bumplkins" Come challange us!

Friday, October 12, 2012

NNTN Radio returns Sunday 9pm eastern

This week on NNTN Radio October 14th 2012

This week we will find out exactly what happened to Risa.  She was acting odd throughout the entire show, and then seemed to go missing.  We will begin the show with some takes from the show and then actual footage from when we went off the air on Sunday. 

Also  this week.  What is a vomit tree.  This strange tree seems to be irritating people across the country.
Man arrested for fighting stop sign, apartment fire started from cooking squirrel  funeral strippers in Taiwan.

All this and much more.

Join the wackiest cast on prime time radio this Sunday at 9pm est on www.doublekradio.com
You will never be the same.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breaking news at Double K Radio

Breaking news for Double Talk Radio 

Double Talk Radio news

Did you know that Double Talk Radio is up for 2 podcast awards?

The first one is the Stitcher awards.  The New Double Talk Radio is up for, best podcast in the comedy category.
You can vote for us daily, click the picture below

Then we are also nominated in the prestigious Peoples Choice Podcast awards.
You can vote for us by clicking the picture below.  We are nominated in the Entertainment Category and our Podcast Url is http://www.doublekradio.com

We appreciate all your support

Double Talk Radio picked up by two new networks.
That's right now we are available from these stations,

Rant Talk Radio British Columbia, Canada
Double Talk Radio will air on Friday nights 10pm est and 7pm pacific
WGIR Radio in Boston, Massachusetets 
Double Talk Radio will be on Tuesday nights, time to be announced starting October 16th

And finally Cookie J wants you to get in the spirit and listen to ShocktOber on DTR every Wednesday 9pm est in October.
We have some great guests lined up

Monday, October 8, 2012

ShocktOber returns Wednesday October 10th 9pm eastern

Join us again this week at the water cooler as we continue our month long celebration of oHalloween.  This week its the return of the Author of  Demonology 101 KW Kesler.

K W originally appeared  on At the Water Cooler on January 4th 2012 
Listen to the episode here

Demonology101, the new book by K.W. Kesler, will open your eyes to what the Bible, the churches, and more importantly, even what the Satanist never told you!

This book is much, much more than a basic guide to Demonology. It explores how it began, where and what direction it is headed, plus a list of known demons that would make the character “Giles” from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” extremely proud, including descriptions of physical appearances, what they do, and who they like to effect. It also provides access to information such as banishment if a reader happens to have attracted a demon.

K.W.Kesler was born in Ohio, has obtained degrees and certificates in Broadcasting, Communications, Parapsychology and Metaphysics, and he has worked for a variety of institutions and museums. He is known for his work in de-bunking a wide assortment of paranormal incidents and claims “common sense always is the best resolution to help in doing so.” He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Central Ohio and passes time by investigating paranormal incidents around the State and Country.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New show premiers Sunday October 7

Coming to the network Sunday October 7th at 9pm est

Not Necessarily the News
From our international studios in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Ontario Canada, NNTN Radio brings a new face to prime time talk radio.
Every week the panel of hosts, Matt Vanderpool (Ohio), Kevin Schmidt (Ohio), Risa Cookie J (Pennsylvania), and Double K (Ontario).  Will bring you a fresh and wacky look at the world we live in.  

So what do you get when you cross two Midwest stand up comedians, a divorced life coach from Pennsylvania, and a shock jock from Canada.  Mix it up with current events, pop culture, entertainment, or what ever else comes to mind.  In a round table, uncensored, open mic format.  Well we are not sure either.  But your going to find out Sunday nights at 9pm est on

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween arrives at Double Talk Radio

The tradition continues for the entire month of October, on Double Talk Radio.
Live Wednesday's 9pm est 
on www.doublekradio.com
Every year at Double Talk Radio the water cooler was transposed to everything Halloween.  Yes a full month dedicated to our favorite time of year.  It's a time of special guests, new segments and topics.  Double Talk Radio is transformed into SHOCKToBER.
Even when DTR was cancelled and replaced by At The Water Cooler, DK continued the tradition with Halloween Havoc.

Well since the show has been brought back to life, so has one of its most popular themes.  This year is no different.  Just look what we have lined up for you.

The author of the novel Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening.  Joins us to kick off the month.  He will be talking about his Zombie novel, plus real life zombies in the news.

Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening depicts the struggle of law enforcement officers of the Nathanael County Sheriff's Department as they try to survive the initial days of the zombie apocalypse.  The story centers on Wylie Grant, a Corrections Officer who is torn between upholding his duty and the love of his family. Along with his comrades, they try to gather as many survivors as they can amid the living hell the world around them has become.  But zombies aren’t the only danger they face. Even among the living, there are those who prey on humanity, and there are factions even among Wiley’s people who have agendas of their own. Separated from his family, yet sworn to his duty, Wiley has to ask which is stronger:  The oath he took for his badge, or his duty to his family?