Friday, August 31, 2012

Verbal Oragami live Sunday September 2nd 9pm est

Join us at the international water cooler for another edition of prime time Sunday nights, craziest talk radio show

This week scheduled to appear are Double K, Cookie J, Deputy Doug and Irving the intern.

All new material, including brand new pranks, parodies, and stories from around the globe.


New studio numbers 

We now have 2 brand new numbers in Canada and the USA for you to call the show, and be on air.

We will have updates on the new Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Contest

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Double Talk Radio returns live Wednesday 9pm est

We are back live Wednesday 08-29 9pm est 
This week, Jackmeoff Mudd arrested in Florida, Man takes revenge after poisonous snake bite, and how to make people think you know what your talking about.
All this, plus all the weird news, current events and pop culture from around the world. Join us at the water cooler

Friday, August 24, 2012

Verbal Oragami Returns Sunday August 26 at 9pm est

The return of prime time internet talk radio's wildest, wackiest, weirdest, weekend show is back. This Sunday August 26th at 9pm est.  Right here on Double K Radio

Definition Verbal Oragami-Where one person, can take what appears to be very ordinary words, and change them within the blink of an eye into a new meaning (generally an insult). It is an amazing art form, almost MacGyver-like.

This week everyone is back from their tours, vacations, home moving , etc.

This week its time to choose your favorite prank call aired on Verbal Oragami.  The producers have picked 5 calls that we have aired on the shows, and this week we will listen and our panel of judges will pick a winner.

We will be talking about the casts adventures and funny stories during our lay off.All the weird happenings in the world around us.New music, skits, and pranks.What ever comes along.....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is back!!!!!

You asked for it.  You got it!

So you want to be on the radio?  Let us show you how.

Join the Double K Radio winners circle.  Past winners who appeared on the show include Colin on Verbal Oragami, and Kelly D on Double Talk Radio.

How you ask?  Well although we do enjoy you friending us on Facebook and captioning posters.  We at DTR Productions think we need to push the envelope and keep things exciting.

So here is how it is going to go down simply add us on Facebook at 
Double K  or The Cookie J and tell us you are interested in entering the contest.

We will choose the contestants, who will make prank calls on air, to the place of our choice.  You won't have time to prepare.  This is improv just the way you have come to expect from us.  Then our panel of celebrity judges (Double K, Cookie J, Deputy Doug, The Cheap Country Hick) and your  peer will vote for the best prank call.

Brought to you by the worlds most comprehensive provider of 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Upcoming show schedule--DK is going fishing

Here is the schedule for the remainder of August 

DK is embarking on a short holiday from August 18 to the 24th.  So here is the show line up for the rest of the month.  All shows will be live on Double K Radio You can download here on the site, on I tunes, Stitcher or Spreaker.

Double Talk Radio airs live this Wednesday at its regular day and time.
This week we welcome guest co host Kelly D who was the winner of our Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, caption this.  see below.

Watch for new contests coming soon.

Congrats to Kelly D for the winning caption.  A honorable mention went to Carl D.  Also a big thank you to everyone who participated.  We loved them all!

A special Friday night Verbal Oragami on August 17th.  This is the last show before DK heads out and the Hick is away.  However Cookie J, Irving the intern, and Deputy Doug join DK in welcoming Colin Lack.

Collin was friend number 1500 on Risa Cookie J's Facebook page, and won an opportunity to join us on a live show.

Congrats Colin welcome to prime time radios funny farm.

Double Talk Radio returns for a special Friday night show, on August 24th 9pm est.  Join the Cookie, when she welcomes back Double K from his trip.  

It's time to catch up on what your hosts have been up to and all the weird news, current events from the world around us.

Join us at the water cooler for a special Friday edition.

Verbal Oragami returns with the full crew back together to close out summer at the mad house.

Regular day and time.  Sunday August 26th 9pm est.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Verbal Oragami Sunday August 12 9pm est

Verbal Oragami returns this Sunday at 9pm est, only on Double K radio.

Join the crew of prime time radio's favorite R rated Variety show, as we provide you with 2 hours of brand new comedy, pranks, parodies, weird news and more. 


On this weeks show


During Last weeks Double Talk Radio, we announced a new version of the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner contest.  This weeks challenge:  Cookie posted a picture on her face book wall, and we asked our listeners to caption the photo.  We will hold a vote on Sunday and the winner will be our guest co-host on an up coming show.

Double K on Facebook

The Cookie J on Facebook

Here are some of the captions, add us on Facebook and enter today!

And please remember.........................

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Double Talk Radio debuts at #33 on Stitcher Top Movers

Stitcher Radio debuts The Stitcher List, a new way to discover podcasts worth listening to

Double Talk Radio Debuts at #33 on the Stitchers Top Movers List this week

Listen to Double Talk on Stitcher here

Top Movers
From the week of
1CDNTech NetworkCDNTech Network
2Reset GamerReset Gamer
Games & Hobbies
3Tech Talk Coffee ShopTech Talk Coffee Shop
4Cloud Plumbing - Clogging the tubes s...Cloud Plumbing - Clogging the tubes s...
6Musicgoat Melting Pot PodcastMusicgoat Melting Pot Podcast
Music Commentary
7You're Welcome with Mel and PatienceYou're Welcome with Mel and Patience
8Jillian Michaels PodcastJillian Michaels Podcast
Lifestyle & Health
9Rouge RadioRouge Radio
10EXP FULL - PSO 2 PodcastEXP FULL - PSO 2 Podcast
Games & Hobbies
11InstagramCast PodcastInstagramCast Podcast
12Open Your Toys CastOpen Your Toys Cast
Games & Hobbies
13The Ænigma ProjectThe Ænigma Project
Science & Medicine
14Archive of In The Lab With KGArchive of In The Lab With KG
Music Commentary
15Aviation Careers PodcastAviation Careers Podcast
Games & Hobbies
16Conservative T & TConservative T & T
News & Politics
17Around Noon - 90.3 WCPN ideastreamAround Noon - 90.3 WCPN ideastream
18Special Events AfterBuzz TV AfterShowSpecial Events AfterBuzz TV AfterShow
20My Best Friend's friendsMy Best Friend's friends
21Metis StrategyMetis Strategy
Business & Industry
22KPLU-FM: Studio SessionsKPLU-FM: Studio Sessions
Music Commentary
23Game On GirlGame On Girl
Lectures & Education
24Derb Radio on National Review OnlineDerb Radio on National Review Online
News & Politics
25Science on the RadioScience on the Radio
Science & Medicine
26Ron Paul Girl RadioRon Paul Girl Radio
News & Politics
27Bird NotesBird Notes
Games & Hobbies
28Super Dad ShowSuper Dad Show
Parenting, Family & Kids
29The /FilmcastThe /Filmcast
30Nerds of the Old RepublicNerds of the Old Republic
Games & Hobbies
31Texas A&M Athletics PodcastTexas A&M Athletics Podcast
Society & Culture
33The New Double Talk RadioThe New Double Talk Radio
Lifestyle & Health
34Animal Writes - Animal Writers and Be...Animal Writes - Animal Writers and Be...
Parenting, Family & Kids
35The Hayseed ReportThe Hayseed Report
News & Politics
36B-Movie Cast » PodcastsB-Movie Cast » Podcasts
37DawgCast PodcastDawgCast Podcast
38InDefinite PodcastInDefinite Podcast
Society & Culture
39The Lou Dobbs ShowThe Lou Dobbs Show
News & Politics
40Body Count Blog and Podcast » Podcas...Body Count Blog and Podcast » Podcas...
41CBN - Podcast - Renato Machado CBN - Podcast - Renato Machado 
42The F BombCastThe F BombCast
43Phillies Talk PodcastPhillies Talk Podcast
44Getting Better Health Care - Steve Fe...Getting Better Health Care - Steve Fe...
Lifestyle & Health
45Cindy LavertyCindy Laverty
Lifestyle & Health
46Hardly EntertainingHardly Entertaining
47Ascendants of Ascalon PodcastAscendants of Ascalon Podcast
Games & Hobbies
48Be HolisticBe Holistic
Lifestyle & Health
49WTF The PodcastWTF The Podcast
Lifestyle & Health
50THE SEÁNPOD - Hosted by Comedian Se�...THE SEÁNPOD - Hosted by Comedian Se�...
51Sunday MorningSunday Morning
Spirituality & Religion
52The Movie Mishmash PodcastThe Movie Mishmash Podcast
53The Construction Marketing ProThe Construction Marketing Pro
Business & Industry
54All In The Mind - Program podcastAll In The Mind - Program podcast
Science & Medicine
55CBN - Podcast - Juca Kfouri CBN - Podcast - Juca Kfouri 
56Podcast SquaredPodcast Squared
57The Dr. Rock ShowThe Dr. Rock Show
58Wonderful, ThanksWonderful, Thanks
59First Baptist Broken ArrowFirst Baptist Broken Arrow
Spirituality & Religion
Lifestyle & Health
62Talking Scuba (MP3 edition)Talking Scuba (MP3 edition)
Games & Hobbies
63Games and JunkGames and Junk
Games & Hobbies
64Fr. Vazken's SermonsFr. Vazken's Sermons
Spirituality & Religion
65WPR: Here on Earth: Radio without Bor...WPR: Here on Earth: Radio without Bor...
Society & Culture
66Radio Impound PodcastRadio Impound Podcast
Games & Hobbies
67An Hour A Week? Cub Scout PodcastAn Hour A Week? Cub Scout Podcast
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68Oh Sh!t It's the NewsOh Sh!t It's the News
69WSIU News UpdatesWSIU News Updates
70The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show | Bl...The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show | Bl...
71ANTiFanboy PodcastANTiFanboy Podcast
72Living Buddhist with Jay ForrestLiving Buddhist with Jay Forrest
Spirituality & Religion
73Insights with Dick GoldbergInsights with Dick Goldberg
Lifestyle & Health
74The Seamus & Opie ShowThe Seamus & Opie Show
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76Dr C Robert Jones Situation Report | ...Dr C Robert Jones Situation Report | ...
News & Politics
77The Core Business Show | Blog Talk Ra...The Core Business Show | Blog Talk Ra...
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78Allan and Jackson Love AmericaAllan and Jackson Love America
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79Book FightBook Fight
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80The Double ShadowThe Double Shadow
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81Open Line: Car Talk that Talks BackOpen Line: Car Talk that Talks Back
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+2510 » Equesse Radio » Equesse Radio Show
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86مرآة الصحافة | Deutsche Welleمرآة الصحافة | Deutsche Welle
87Kansas City Weather PodcastKansas City Weather Podcast
88Get Balanced With Dr Marissa PeiGet Balanced With Dr Marissa Pei
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89Dünden BugündenDünden Bugünden
90Bayou GardenBayou Garden
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91Empire for Life - Star Wars SWTOR MMO...Empire for Life - Star Wars SWTOR MMO...
Games & Hobbies
92Константин Ремчуков...Константин Ремчуков...
93Across the NerdaverseAcross the Nerdaverse
94Tax Sense RadioTax Sense Radio
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95Tap That App (SD)Tap That App (SD)
96Haitian All-Starz's Music MixHaitian All-Starz's Music Mix
Music Commentary
97CBN - Podcast - Jornal da CBN 2ª Edi...CBN - Podcast - Jornal da CBN 2ª Edi...
98Bad at SportsBad at Sports
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99Weekend Confirmed: The Video Game ShowWeekend Confirmed: The Video Game Show
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100One Olive Branch » audioOne Olive Branch » audio
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