Monday, July 30, 2012

the new Double Talk Radio episode 5 airs live August 1st

Internet talk radio's prime time sensation returns live for episode 5 on August
1st 9pm est only on Double K Radio

Coming up on your source for everything strange:
An Australian man shoots fireworks out his butt
Woman chokes police officer to demonstrate how she was attacked
Man has dream of flood and rebuilds Noah's ark
This week on E Bay
Crazy Craig s List
and much more.

Join the international panel headed up by Double K in Canada and Cookie J from the USA

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunday July 29th Verbal Oragami update

Verbal Oragami wraps up their immensely popular world tour this Sunday, July 29th by returning home to the USA.  Each of the hosts and supporting cast will be contributing a different state.  Show airs live at 9pm est on the Double K Radio Network

@@@@@@New Format announced for August!@@@@@@

Verbal Oragami is about to get a facelift beginning Sunday August 5th at 9pm est.  The original cast will be returning with an all new format to the show.  

Recently we talked to show co host Cookie J "We are so excited about this change in format"  Cookie quoted after being stopped after a network meeting "The cast and crew will remain the same, we are just going to change things around to make it fresh.  It is still going to be crazy, actually crazier.  Yay I am the Cookie dammit, I am an awesome writer and life coach.  The show is going to be better than ever.  Everybody say Goffa!"

So go download all the past Verbal Oragami shows and pass it on

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Double Talk Radio live July 25th 9pm est

Come see what all the buzz is about.  Prime time talk radios high energy news and current events show, Double Talk Radio is back.
This is not the same old water cooler.
Join show original Double K and the new voice of prime time Cookie J, has they bring you all that is strange, weird, and interesting in the world from the week before.
They discuss anything and everything, sometimes they agree and sometimes they don't.  But one thing is for certain, this is in your face, cutting edge talk radio.
This week we continue to explore the weirdest news stories main stream media wont cover, more Craigs List and E Bay, and we open the mail bag.
Colin Lack from the networks newest show Two Guys a Podcast and a Beer is our scheduled guest this week.
So join us only on Double K Radio, and remember we want to hear you there.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday July 22nd 9pm est live recording

Live Sunday July 22nd right here on Double K Radio, the Verbal Oragami crew heads south of the border to Mexico.  

Brand new music, pranks, skits and language lessons await.  Come by and listen to prime time Sundays only uncensored variety show.

Verbal Oragami airs live every Sunday night at 9pm est, featuring Double K, the Cookie, Deputy Doug and The Cheap Country Hick.
The show features parody music, prank calls, improv comedy, trivia, and much more.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Double Talk Radio live July 18th 9pm est

We return live Wednesday July 18th 9pm est

Tune in to the worlds favorite water cooler talk, with DK and the Cookie J.  They will cover all the weeks weird news and current events.  

Its not your parents water cooler any more

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 15th 9pm est Verbal Oragami British Invasion

Everyone is talking about the Olympics but your going to want hear Verbal Oragami first.

Thats right folks your favorite crew, the Bumblin Bumpkins, the Cookie and Double K are embarking to what could be there craziest stop on the tour so far.

All new pranks, music, trivia and fun facts.  Thats right we are embarking to the funniest nation yet and we are bringing it to you the Oragami way.  The tabloids are writing, the royal family is hiding and the rain is going away.

So make a tea, or poor a pint cause Britain aint ever going to be the same.

Live only on the Double K Radio network

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New show coming soon!!

New podcast coming to Double K Radio

2 Guy's a Beer and a Podcast

From the great white north comes another new show.  This time a sports themed show with a twist.  Join hosts Colin "lack attack" Lack and Nick Buckley, while they sit around enjoying a couple of beers and discuss whats going on in the world of sports.  They will inform you , entertain you and hell even make you laugh.  Even though the show is a sports theme, be forewarned there is beer involved and they are likely to go off into other topics as well.  
So come on by and grab a cold one,  everyone is welcome in their little corner of the world.

More details to follow on show times and details, visit the site or like Double K on facebook for updates.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wednesday July 11th 9pm est its Double Talk Radio Live

The new Double Talk Radio returns on Wednesday July 11th 9pm est

Get ready as Cookie J and Double K show down in an all out debate on the Battle of the Bulge.  They will debate such things as Fat Tax on air planes, fat people always eating junk food, the strain on health care and much more.

Weird news features this week,  A man interviews himself 20 years later, a look at Scientology and their secret hide out, running with the bulls, what happens when a horse is stung in the genitals, water poker leads to girls death.  Plus entertainment and current events.
Plus we here from Sherley and Clove from Chonilla and Monica Hamburg delivers her moron of the week.

All this, plus who knows what else will be discussed at the worlds favorite  water cooler, and dont forget to join us for this weeks, Weekly Wrap Up immediately following the show.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sunday July 8th Verbal Oragami Live broadcast

First live broadcast on Double K Radio

Sunday July 8th 9pm est

This week the crew heads to Italy


You may not be able to see us but we are waving our hands in the air, saying whats the matter for you!  Off we go on this weeks Weird World Tour to visit our Italian friends.  Listen as we eat pizza and spagetti, tour the wine region, encounter dangerous mafia bosses, and Vatican tour guides.

Join the 4 musketeers , Cookie J, Double K, The Country Hick and Deputy Doug as they reveal culture, history, geography and Italian pop culture.  The only way they know how...... hilariously!
All new facts, music, culture, trivia and pranks await you at the VERBALLI CAFE.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Show schedule July 4th

Live shows start at 9pm est

Live 9pm est The New Double Talk Radio returns

Join original host Double K and Co-anchor Cookie J has they deliver all the weird news from the past week from all over the globe.

All star celebrity contributors  this week include Monica Hamburg, Sherley and Clove from Chonilla, Marie Debuque, Phil Poof and many more.


Weekly Wrap up immediately following Double Talk Radio

Scheduled tonight is an interview with former Double Talk co host Producer Scotty, then a classic episode of his show I Cant Remember Stupid Shit.

this episode is recommended to us by Producer Scotty, he claims this is the funniest and most unpredictable show he has recorded to date.  

Episode 1 of Bingo the Clown 

The first episode in Julie Hoversons audio drama series to aired on the network.

Julie is the author and creator of the award winning series 19 Nocturne Blvd, which is coming to the network in July.

After your July 4th Barbecue come hang out with us and unwind in the air conditioning.

New audio drama announced 19 NOCTURNE BOULEVARD

Award winning series coming to Double K Radio


We are pleased to announce that DKRN will be airing this award winning audio series.  On air details to be announced.

19 Nocturne Boulevard (or "19Noc" to our friends) is an award-winning audio drama anthology series, presenting fully dramatized tales of what we like to call "the strange, speculative, and supernatural". In other words, it's whatever Julie decided to write or adapt that day....

Every episode is painstakingly written, produced and screamed over by Julie, all the while inflicting as little pain on the actual actors as possible.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coming soon to Double K Radio, 118 Migration

A Post Apocalyptic Podcast Adventure of Zombies and Madness

Created by Will Ross 

We are pleased to be bringing this awesome podcast to the network.  We will be airing all the episodes starting at season one moving to season 2 and then the brand new season 3!

If you are a fan, you will enjoy hearing these again before the release of the new season.

If you have never listened, you are in for a treat.

Another Double K radio exclusive!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The New Double Talk Radio live Wednesday July 4th at 9pm est


We return this Wednesday July 4th 9pm est for the first time in a year and a half.

Weird news, Pop Culture, Current Events and Water Cooler Talk, from the biggest names in the internet talk radio circuit.
Join show original Double K and Co-Anchor Cookie J as they give you their weekly tour of the world we live in.

Live on

Be sure to stick around after the show for the Water Cooler Post Show Wrap up

Press Relese......Double K Radio new home of Double Talk Radio and Verbal Oragami

Double K  announces that Double K Radio to host shows

Last night during the live broadcast of  Verbal Oragami, DK announced that Verbal Oragami and the New Double Talk Radio would effective immediately be leaving Z Talk Radio to broadcast on

Listen to the New Double Talk Radio premiere live Wednesday July 4th 9pm est

Listen to Verbal Oragami episode 19 live Sunday at 9pm est July 8th

We will also be airing classic Double Talk Radio and Verbal Oragami shows through out the week.

DTR productions has also announced that it will be bringing you other new shows and top podcasts, so stay tuned for updates.  The shows will be broadcast at the highest quality available and commercial free.

Any suggestions, comments or show submissions can be submitted at