Saturday, June 30, 2012

Breaking News Double Talk Radio returns July 4th

Double Talk Radio Returns July 4th 9pm est

 After over a year the prime time hit radio show is back and its not your parents Double Talk

Thats right the show that started it all is finally returning to prime time Wednesday nights at 9pm est.
The shows format will be slightly different airing has a weekly review of all the weird news, current events, pop culture, and other interesting and strange stories of the world we live in.

Staring original host and producer Double K 

The only returning member of the original cast will be show original Double K , returns has the anchor for the redone high quality show.  DK's past productions include the original Double Talk Radio , At the Water Cooler, Verbal Oragami and the Weekend Wrap Up.

Despite rumors of cameos by past on air personalities, nothing has been confirmed.

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Double K on Twitter

Download all your favorite past episodes of DTR here

Cast of on air talent coming to the new Double Talk


Kale Kelly  Unsolved Phenomenon Corespondent from The Skeptical Edge 

With appearances by

The Onion News


Weekly Weird  News Phil Poof

 The Weekly Wood Minka Kelly


Come back to the Water Cooler for the first time again

Where Canada and the USA meet

                               A Double K radio and DTR Prouction

All rights reserved 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Verbal Oragami live recording July 1st

Verbal Oragami goes to Canada on Sunday July 1st at 9pm est

Listen on Z Talk Radio

This week we go to the homeland of DK, a very misunderstood and rich culture awaits.  But wait we aren't here just to educate you we are here to make you laugh.  Be ready to learn about Canada in a way only Verbal Oragami can do.  

Brand new Parodies, comedy, original music, fun facts and trivia.
Plus we have the Cookie Jar and a new segment called Holiday Road.

Also the big announcement DK promised will be made during the show, on Canadas birthday at that.  Be sure to listen and be the first of your friends to hear the news.

Is Dr Fry done with DTR productions or does he have yet another scheme up his sleeve.  He made some pretty heavy threats he made in a recorded message last week.  What surprises does this week have?

Join us for prime time Sundays most unpredictable show.

Its DK , the Cookie J and scheduled appearance by the Cheap Country Hick.

Double K radio reveals new Double Talk Radio Logo

Show debuts July 4th stay tuned for details 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Dr Fry mystery continues

Dr Fry Strikes again

DK kept his promise on Episode 17 of Verbal Oragami. (Listen Here)  He addressed his listeners, co hosts, and DR Fry himself.  Explaining what had happened up to and including the take over and cancellation of At the Water Cooler.  Also announcing that Double Talk Radio would be returning on July 4th to fill the void.  He apologized to pre scheduled guests and his loyal following, saying he was not taking this serious until this event and that he hoped it was all over.  Then DK went on to say however just in case he had a plan, and left it at that.  

DR Fry appeared in the chat room and continued to insult and taunt the on air staff and listeners that were in the chat.  Then during the second hour of the show DK announced that he just received an audio file assuming it was from the doctor.  Promising to be transparent with his listeners and his staff, DK proceeded to play the audio on air during the show.  The message stated that DK should comply to all his demands, or DTR Productions would be destroyed and that the At the Water Cooler take over was just a friendly jester.  He said he has DK backed into a corner and a partnership was imminent.  It ended by stating that DK had no plan and it was all smoke and mirrors.

Listen to DR Frys message that was sent to the show here

Finally an enraged DK made one final claim at the end of the show.  That a big announcement would be made on Sunday July the 1st on Verbal Oragami.

What announcement could that possibly be, the return of Double Talk Radio was already announced.  Who is behind all this?  Who is DR Fry?  Who are the most likely suspects?  What is this major announcement DK has planned?  What are the next steps DR Fry is planning?  
Stay tuned to this site to find out.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Verbal Oragami goes to India Sunday June 24th

This Sunday Verbal Oragami live Recording 9pm est

This weeks theme country is India

Thats right this week its everything India, music, pranks, comedy, trivia and strange facts. Learn about the seventh largest country in the world. The second most populous country in the world. Home of the river Ganges, the hindu culture, Bollywood and cobras.

We will deliver India to you like you have never seen before. The Verbal Oragami way.

More on the mysterious DR Fry and what happened to At the Water Cooler and DK's plans moving forward.

It all started with a package to DKs house followed by several emails and texts. They were bizarre and vague at first talking in circles and riddles, telling DK to beware that the DR was coming after him and the empire he built from scratch years ago.

Then last weeks episode another message appeared.

Then last week a shocking announcement was made in regards to the incident that DTR Productions hit prime time show At the Water Cooler was cancelled. Read the article here

What is next? Is Dr Fry finished now that he has yanked the pride of DTR Productions off the air? Who exactly is behind all this?

Finally DK speaks

He can't keep silent any longer, he cant afford to ignore it anymore. Its not just idle threats now, its an all out assault on everything DK built from scratch. Years of hard work are now eroding around DK.

This week he will address his anonymous adversary. Let us know everything he knows and what his next steps are.

What started has a fight is turning into a war

All new material again this week pranks, music, pop culture and all that is strange around the world.

Verbal Oragami
Staring Double K and the Cookie J
with appearances by, The Hillbilly and The Country Hick
Sunday 9pm est live

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breaking news-At the Water Cooler Cancelled

Prime time radio show cancelled do to copy right infringement
Press release(AP) The popular internet radio show At the Water Cooler has been cancelled do to copy right infringement. The show produced and owned by DTR Enterprises released this statement.
An unnamed company claimed all rights to the title At the Water Cooler today less than 48 hours before the show was set to return to prime time. We were preparing for the shows return to Wednesday night at 9pm est when we received the call. Apparently an unknown company placed claim to the name with the FCC and the IRC to take immediate ownership to all rights to the companys name, content and story lines. Although the show archives have not been removed from the archives, company COO and host of the show Double K is preparing for the worst. "This was my creation from beginning to end and I have no idea who or why would want to take this action"

Other than the previous statement the company does not wish to make any further comments at this time.
Despite this terrible news Double K and his crew have met and put together a brand new show to air in the slot At the Water Cooler previously occupied.

They have announced the return of the show that started it all with an all new cast and story line. Starting tomorrow June 20 at 9pm est they will air the first episode of the New Double Talk Radio.

Double K claims the new DTR will be a 60 minute show covering weird news and pop culture from around the globe they will also bring guests in from time to time. DKs co host from Verbal Oragami Cookie J will co host and the show will be looking for reporters from around the globe to be on the show. We also want to encourage our listeners to submit material on air as well. The show will air a 60 minute Wrap up and open forum after the show, marking the return of another DTR production show, The Water Cooler Wrap Up.

There is alot of work to be done and it wont happen over night states the company. Expect big changes.

The New Double Talk Radio will air at 9pm est every Wednesday night on Z Talk Radio

Saturday, June 16, 2012

This just in. Verbal Oragami returns Sunday!

Sunday nights prime time internet radio sensation returns
9pm est live recording

The crew returns for more of their famous shenanigans. Join the Cookie J and Double K and see whats new with them, and all the strange pop culture topics. Brand new music, pranks and segments. The Bumbling Bumpkins, the Hick and the Hillbilly are scheduled to return.
This one is guaranteed to be more in your face then ever.


Who is Dr. Fry? What does he want?

At the end of episode 15, DK read an email from a person identified has Dr Fry. He claimed to be from DK's past and that he had some unfinished business. What the business is and who this strange character is, was left up in the air.

The plot thickens by the weird things that have happened, and only a few minor clues are left before us.
1-The show uncharacteristically ends abruptly with time still left in the show.
2-Why were Cookie J and the Hick not present at the beginning of the show.
3-Who in DK's past could have a stake in bringing chaos to DTR Productions?

What is next for DTR Productions, Double K and the shows?
Who is the mysterious Dr. Fry?
Will things ever be the same around the water cooler?

Tune in Sunday!