Saturday, March 31, 2012

At the Water Cooler April 4th Big Double Bill

2 big guests on Wednesday April 4th 9pm est
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The authors will be giving away books on the show
Read the books the authors are talking about on air


Michelle Gamble-Risley

The California Girl Chronicles – follows the life and career of Brea Harper. A typical California girl full of dreams and aspirations. She has it all…the looks…the brains…the fake tan (because she doesn’t want to get skin cancer, naturally). Brea is a writer, and dreams of writing a screenplay for a movie or television show. She gets laid off from her job in her home in Northern California, and moves to glitzy Hollywood – in pursuit of her wildly, ambitious dreams, and because she has nothing better to do with her time. Along the way…she meets three good-looking men. Lance, a college colleague, who is her ‘friend with benefits’. He is the one who pushes her to move to Hollywood with him, and take a chance on life. Drew, an aspiring rock star, who steals her heart, but also treats her like crap. He follows Brea to Hollywood in pursuit of his own dreams, but also as a way to keep tabs on Brea. And lastly, Kale (as I mentioned above) he is the one who was inspired by Alexander Skarsgard. Kale has charm, good looks, and amazing charisma…not to mention he’s a big Hollywood movie producer. Kale bursts onto the scene, introducing Brea to the Hollywood lifestyle. He inspires her to actually sit down and write, which is something she has procrastinated about for a long time.

In order to pay her bills, Brea temporarily gets a job in a bikini shop. She has brains, but sometimes forgets to use them, especially when it comes to men. But don’t worry, she doesn’t hang out with guys all the time…she has a couple of close girlfriends too. Denise, her friend from back home who has also moved to Hollywood, and Maya (Kale’s maid), both give her the feminine support all women need.

This story takes you on Brea’s journey of self-discovery, maturity and understanding; spoken from Brea’s point of view. She is sweet, loving and caring. She knows what she wants professionally even while romantically she is confused by who she really wants. You’ll either love her or you’ll hate her, but Brea is what all of us are…only human. We all make mistakes. We all want our dreams to come true. We all want to find true love. Most of all, we all want to find happiness.


Becky Blanton

Becky Blanton is a former journalist, TED Global 2009 speaker and freelance writer. No Pulitzers, but she does have a handful of state press association awards in Washington State, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Associated Press (AP) has picked up hundreds of her stories and photos, and she has a photo or two in Time Magazine. The late Tim Russert selected her essay for his best selling book, “Wisdom of Our Fathers, Letters from Daughters and Sons.” Russert told reviewers the essay prompted him to add a chapter on forgiveness to his book. Always an honor to be associated with Mr. Russert.

Her stories have been published in Dog Fancy, Airstream Life Magazine, Motivated Magazine, Road King, Woman’s World, Trailer Life and more than 300 newspapers, magazines, journals and publications.

Although she’s worked off and on as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer, magazine writer and ghost/copy writer since she was 28, along the way she also pursued an associate degree in Criminal Justice, graduated from a certified police academy and did complete several various FBI and police science classes in everything from gangs, to bomb identification. Those real life experiences have given her a solid foundation for some of the events and settings in the book.

She’s also been called on to cover stories or asked to investigate strange events, hauntings, unexplained phenomena and other general weirdness (for lack of a better description) for almost three decades. She’s interviewed hundreds of people on and off the record (including celebrities, astronauts, presidents and governors) and has often had conversations turn to talk of UFOs, ghosts, and other unexplainable phenomena

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No live episode of Verbal Oragami April 1st

We will not be broadcasting a live Verbal Oragami this week. But we will return on April 8th at 9pm est.
However you can still listen to a prerecorded show at 9pm est Sunday on
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Monica returns to the Water Cooler for one night only. March 28

Finally Monica Hamburg is returning
to the Water Cooler
Wednesday March 28th 9pm est
Live on Z Talk Radio

Listen to Monica's first appearance At the Water Cooler

"Often a show is informative, educational, interesting. But every once in a while a guest comes around that is a show breaker and down right entertaining. Monica's return will be that damn good. This is an episode you wont want to miss, not for one single minute." Double K host At the Water Cooler w/DK


Join Social networking goddess Monica Hamburg. Podcast host, blogger, actress, comedian.

Heard each week on At the Water Cooler and Verbal Oragami in the segment Monica's Moron

By day, I'm a Social Media Evangelist. I speak on social media topics, create/implement social media programs and run workshops.

By later in the day, I write, have a funny podcast with Shane Birley called "The S&M Rants", I'm an actor and, if you found this blog humorous, a humorist. Oh, and I love poledancing

The S&M Rants Podcast is a weekly humor podcast where Shane Birley and Monica Hamburg discuss complete Fucktards (FTs) in the news. Then they call a funny guest and get their judgement on who will be crowned "FT of the Week". Plus: Want to hear bad erotica, painful Craigslist ads or learn about Chewbacca sex fantasies? Join them - and their guest judges - for the deranged goodness

You can find the S & M Rants HERE