Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Segment, Rock the Boat on Verbal Oragami

New segment starting March 4th on Verbal Oragami.
About pet peeves and things that have irritated you during the week.
Email DK at kkliveradio@yahoo.com or post on the Facebook page
and we will read them on the show.

Whats happened this week thats really pissed you off?
Has someone done something really stupid you want to share?
Have you read something about a real idiot?
Did someone say something to you that made no sense?
Do you have an ongoing pet peeve you want to share?
Is there something you want to get off your chest?

Rock the boat is a brand new segment where we give you your chance to vent, you could even do it on air if you prefer.
Be sure to chime in and let us know, what the burr is in your side this week.
We want to know, really.

Listen to Verbal Oragami live every Sunday 9pm est on Z Talk Radio.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Coming to the Water Cooler February 29th

Coming this Wednesday night live 9pm est on Z Talk Radio and streaming on Talkshoe

The Great Typo Hunt

Jeff Deck: Founder, Constituent, and Advocate

Deck has been an editor for half an age and thus came to embrace typo-hunting as the lamp with which he, orthography’s evening watchman, could brighten the world. After logging nearly twelve thousand miles, over four hundred typos found, and over two hundred of those corrected, he and his friends are eager to put the experience of their diverse adventures to use in even grander campaigns against carelessness, ineducation, and the insidious germ of apathy. Deck lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, home to Daniel Webster during the Napoleonic Wars. Coincidence?

Benjamin “Squirrel” Herson: “I’ll show you a sidekick.”

Four legendary sages/high school English teachers trained him in the arts of detail & word choice, poetic diction, careful syntax craftsmanship, and document analysis. Herson crafted a thesis concerning the end of all things, developing a sense of his own role in the eschatological battle between grammatical right and wrong. Subject-verb disagreement is his sworn enemy, though it’s those slippery little homophones with whom he’s currently engaged in battle. AKA: Ben B. Jammin’, Squirrel, Capt. Squirrel, “That Guy” (for complete list, please refer to NSA file)

They will also be giving away 2 copies of their book!

Tori Hartman interview and on air readings

Tori Hartman has worked as a psychic, intuitive and color expert for more

than twenty years and her company, Tori Hartman Inc., supplies it's

customers with the tools necessary to grow and prosper spiritually. Her

brand motto, Enlightenment Made Simple, speaks to her desire to give people

the support they need in order to do spiritual work on their own.

Tori's unique perspective helps her clients to manage their relationships in

order to bring prosperity into their lives. Tori is the author of the Color

Wisdom Cards. This book and card set work as a divination tool and

meditation aid to help clear life blocks and restructure beliefs to empower

others to do spiritual work on their own. I know that Tori would be

delighted to speak with you about her experience working with energy to set

goals to achieve a more fulfilling life

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Verbal Oragami: the great Coast to Coast co-host search coming spring 2012!

Its official! The great coast to coast co-host search begins Spring 2012. Starting in late March of this year Verbal Oragami will begin its quest for a new co-host for the show.
Who will be the next Z Talk Radio on air personality
Side by side each week with Double K, in prime time.

The search is on. Over several weeks(Starting late March) , every week a new prospective co-host will go on air, side by side with Double K for one episode. At the end of the round, we will decide Double K's new co-host on Verbal Oragami.

The prize at the end of the coast to coast co-host search will be that one lucky guy or gal will be taking the helm each week with DK on Verbal Oragami, in prime time on network radio. On the Z Talk Radio Network.

It does not matter what your background is. You could be an experienced radio host already, someone who does a podcast, or just someone ready to break on the scene with no experience at all. Besides the teaser adds, we are dropping an international invitation on Radio Guest List .

All you need to do is send an email to kkliveradio@yahoo.com with Co-host search in the title line. Include why you want to do this, why you think we should choose you, a brief bio with your experience (If applicable), some interesting facts about you, an audio clip if you have one and a picture.
Then we will choose 12 lucky candidates to enter the contest, and compete for the grand prize.
The winner will be decided by an online poll, DTR Productions and Double K.

About Double K?

Double K or DK has been broadcasting on the internet for over 5 years, he has worked in other broadcast mediums for 15 years.

He created and hosts At the Water Cooler w/DK and Verbal Oragami in prime time on Z Talk Radio.

He was the creator and co-host of the cult favorite Double Talk Radio for 3 years. DK is a man with his own unique style and approach, he is very easy to work beside and not a hard lead to follow. Just ask anyone who has done a show with him.

About the show?

Verbal Oragami is billed as a variety show, kind of a Dr Demento kind of thing. It currently features Independent music and artists, comedy skits, prank calls, weird news and occasional guest spots.
What we envision the show evolving into is to have basically the same format and light hearted approach. But to incorporate a co-host that DK can interact and play off of.

The show airs every Sunday at 9pm to 11pm est on Z talk radio. So of course you must be available at those times every week.

Are you up for the challenge? This could be your big break.
What are you waiting for
Email us Today kkliveradio@yahoo.com

Good Luck!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Verbal Oragami live recording February 26th

Live recording of the show this Sunday February 26th.
This week DK welcomes
S. Jane Gari and Heidi R. Willis co-authors of Flush This Book: True Tales of Bodily Malfunctions
Listen live on Z Talk Radio

We will be Giving Away 3 copies of the book!

DK will also be playing indy music, prank calls, and of course have all the weird news for you. Tune in to Verbal Oragami this Sunday.

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We will also be streaming live on Talkshoe

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Verbal Oragami and At the Water Cooler w/DK now Streaming live on Talkshoe

Beginning on Sunday February 26th at 9pm est Verbal Oragami and At the Water Cooler w/DK will be streaming live on talkshoe. The main feed will still be located at Z Talk Radio. But we at DTR Productions look forward to the new listeners and followers we will reach with our newest project.

"Definitely the main feed and recordings for podcasts will remain on Z talk, this is not meant has a replacement, but has an enhancement and a chance to reach new listeners" Show host and creator Double K says "What we are hoping to accomplish is to reach a niche audience or community that we are not touching with live shows at the moment. Talkshoe is a culture all its own and has a huge reach potential, so when the idea was brought forward to me, after much thought I said lets go for it"

How about concerns surrounding talkshoes audio quality?

"Talkshoes audio quality is definitely not the same has Z Talks, but keep in mind the main feed and the recorded podcasts that are sent to the various feeds, will remain at cd or better quality. The idea of simulcasting has been something we wanted to do for a long while. We already are played on half a dozen other networks and sites but all those are prerecorded. We are familiar with talkshoe, not just the inferior audio, but the unique and large following shows on this network receive. So when we decided to move forward it felt like more of a safe move going this way, we feel we could easily double or surpass our listening base.

How familiar is the company with Talkshoe? Well very actually. DK's original show Double Talk Radio broadcast exclusively on there until moving to Z talk, 2 years to be exact. So by both understanding the network culture and hoping to bring back old listeners, DTR Productions see's this has a win right off the bat.

Verbal Oragami and At the Water Cooler w/DK are now available from Z Talk Radio, Talkshoe, Stitcher, Talkstream live, and I tunes. They are also available at several other sites on the internet but they consider these networks their core.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tomorrow night February 22nd At the Water Cooler w/DK live

Pete Trubacco Thrill ride expert joins the show.

There is a brand new reality show being taped for all you thrill seekers out there called “Thrill Ride Maniacs”, hosted by Thrill Seeker and Author of “America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement ParksPete Trabucco.

The show takes you on the world’s fastest and most extreme roller coasters, the fastest go carts on the planet, and even into the clouds for some high flying, death defying aeronautical acrobatics anywhere. You’ll see the action as you’ve never seen it before.

The show will also help those first-time riders and those who “just want to watch” their fearless friends and help them overcome their phobias. Doing this, opens up another demographic audience for the show and one that has not been addressed before on reality television!

The first episode takes Trabucco, who is also a licensed pilot, into the sky at Brookhaven Airport in Long Island for an aviation demonstration from one of the top stunt pilots around, Mike Mancuso.

The series is currently being filmed and will debut in the near future.

Iaan Mckinnon author Remains of the Dead

The world is dead, devoured by a plague of reanimated corpses.

Cahz and his squad of veteran soldiers are tasked with flying into abandoned cities and retrieving zombies for scientific study. Deep in infected territory, hundreds of miles from their support vessel, the ever present dangers weigh heavily on Cahz’s mind as he shepherds his team to make quick, clean extractions.

Then the unbelievable happens. After years of encountering nothing but the undead, the team discovers a handful of dishevelled survivors in a fortified warehouse with dwindling supplies.

Surrounded by hordes of ravenous corpses, Cahz is faced with the terrible responsibility of determining the five passengers who will escape in the helicopter. While those left stranded must continue to fight off the infected and starvation long enough to be rescued

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Verbal Oragami live recording February 19th

This Sunday 9pm est on Z Talk Radio
Double K returns this week with Special guest Kale Kelly. Kale is the co-host of the very popular show The Skeptic Edge heard Saturday nights 8pm est on Z Talk Radio.

Come sit back and listen when two worlds collide. These 2 very eccentric and obnoxious self proclaimed shock jocks are going to talk about anything and everything from current events to the paranormal, politics, religion, the women in their lives, their kids, hell anything that crosses their minds.
It's where
The USA meets Canada
The believer meets the skeptic
the madman meets the narcissist
heaven crosses hell
somewhere between darkness and light
well you get the point