Monday, January 30, 2012

Indie artists get your music some air time!

An open invitation for independent artists to get their music on air.
Submit your music to DTR Productions today, for a chance to get it played on Verbal Oragami Radio.
Just send some info on your band , your music and your songs in MP3 format here
Here is an article on independent music and internet radio

Internet radio is now attracting 60 million
listeners, every week! Bridge
Ratings projects
weekly listeners of Internet radio will hit 77
million by 2015. That’s a lot of music fans! I personally listen to
Internet radio at least 10 hours a day and find it a very powerful
tool for discovering new artists.
Radio airplay has been used as one of the
primary ways to promote an artist and their music since the beginning
of the industry. Record labels developed large radio promotions
departments and / or hired independent radio promoters to develop
relationships with influential Program Directors securing airplay for
their artists. Independent artists have long been all but locked out
of terrestrial radio airplay and its promotional benefits. The
ongoing shrinkage of niche stations, specialty shows and local
decision making for programming have further reduced opportunities
for artists who fall outside the mainstream or don’t have the
support of a major label.
Internet radio now provides independent
artists with unprecedented access to a large and growing audience and
promotional opportunities that had only been available to label
backed artists. Many of the leading Internet radio stations accept
submissions directly from artists so there is no need to incur the
cost of hiring a radio promotions person or firm to work a new
release to Internet radio stations.
While some stations offer centrally
programmed channels many Internet radio stations allow their users to
create custom radio stations based on their preferences. Some of the
more popular Internet radio stations have developed powerful
recommendation engines that, with the help of the listener community
ratings, assist their users in discovering new music. With Internet
radio the programming power largely resides with the user community
instead of a Program Director. Social networking components on some
sites allow members to build profiles, add friends, share favorites
and discover new music through friend recommendations and by joining
groups. The social networking aspect of Internet radio also provides
artists a great way to connect directly with their fans by sharing
their favorite music, building their own stations or adding
unreleased tracks.
Musicians in niche genres (say zydeco or
death metal) who have traditionally had the least opportunity with
radio now have a great opportunity to be heard by fans of their
specific genre. With Internet radio fans of unique or niche genres
can easily search groups, genre lists or stations and artist tags to
find and discover new artists. Suddenly being in a niche genre
becomes an advantage since it’s much easier for that artist to be
found or standout than it is for their contemporaries in much more
crowded genres like pop or country music.
Internet radio is a very powerful
promotional tool but it can also help artists actually make money
from their music as well. Several of the Internet radio stations
feature a “buy” button next to the track while it’s playing.
The button links to a digital retailer like iTunes or Amazon.
Providing music fans the option of immediately buying the track they
really like is an opportunity many (myself included) have a hard time
passing up.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The sad state of stardom (A comment on Demi Moore)

Its quite sad to see actually, one of the most successful actresses to come out of her era. One that had escaped the evils of Hollywood, and seemingly kept herself in shape, healthy and employed. But with the recent news of her husband having an affair, it all became to much of a strain. On the outside it seemed like she was stricken with the deadly exhaustion bug. Here is what the first report said...

Demi Moore is getting treatment for that most persistent and mysterious of showbiz ailments: Exhaustion. Gossip sites are offering varied and conflicting theories as to the cause; her rep, who gave the “exhaustion” explanation, simply cited “stresses in her life right now” and a decision to get professional help “to improve her overall health.” It’s been two closely-scrutinized months since she and Ashton Kutcher announced their divorce, after weeks of tabloid allegations that he was fooling around. The L.A. Times reported that paramedics rushed to the 49-year-old actress’s home near Beverly Hills Monday night. Other stars hospitalized for exhaustion in recent years include Selena Gomez, Colin Farrell, Susan Boyle, Wyclef Jean, Tone Loc and Lindsay Lohan.

Turns out after all it was not exhaustion, that in fact Demi was, well she was wasted and addicted.

Seems that Demi Moore likes more than just her men young! The 49-year-old actress was hospitalized Monday after inhaling nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide, found in many household products such as hair spray and whipped-cream cans (hence the street name for the drug, whippets), is often associated with a (much) younger generation. Since the drug is cheap and easily accessible, it is popular among middle and high-school age users. Intoxication lasts a few minutes at most, and is known to feel like an extreme drunk.