Thursday, June 28, 2012

Verbal Oragami live recording July 1st

Verbal Oragami goes to Canada on Sunday July 1st at 9pm est

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This week we go to the homeland of DK, a very misunderstood and rich culture awaits.  But wait we aren't here just to educate you we are here to make you laugh.  Be ready to learn about Canada in a way only Verbal Oragami can do.  

Brand new Parodies, comedy, original music, fun facts and trivia.
Plus we have the Cookie Jar and a new segment called Holiday Road.

Also the big announcement DK promised will be made during the show, on Canadas birthday at that.  Be sure to listen and be the first of your friends to hear the news.

Is Dr Fry done with DTR productions or does he have yet another scheme up his sleeve.  He made some pretty heavy threats he made in a recorded message last week.  What surprises does this week have?

Join us for prime time Sundays most unpredictable show.

Its DK , the Cookie J and scheduled appearance by the Cheap Country Hick.

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