Thursday, June 21, 2012

Verbal Oragami goes to India Sunday June 24th

This Sunday Verbal Oragami live Recording 9pm est

This weeks theme country is India

Thats right this week its everything India, music, pranks, comedy, trivia and strange facts. Learn about the seventh largest country in the world. The second most populous country in the world. Home of the river Ganges, the hindu culture, Bollywood and cobras.

We will deliver India to you like you have never seen before. The Verbal Oragami way.

More on the mysterious DR Fry and what happened to At the Water Cooler and DK's plans moving forward.

It all started with a package to DKs house followed by several emails and texts. They were bizarre and vague at first talking in circles and riddles, telling DK to beware that the DR was coming after him and the empire he built from scratch years ago.

Then last weeks episode another message appeared.

Then last week a shocking announcement was made in regards to the incident that DTR Productions hit prime time show At the Water Cooler was cancelled. Read the article here

What is next? Is Dr Fry finished now that he has yanked the pride of DTR Productions off the air? Who exactly is behind all this?

Finally DK speaks

He can't keep silent any longer, he cant afford to ignore it anymore. Its not just idle threats now, its an all out assault on everything DK built from scratch. Years of hard work are now eroding around DK.

This week he will address his anonymous adversary. Let us know everything he knows and what his next steps are.

What started has a fight is turning into a war

All new material again this week pranks, music, pop culture and all that is strange around the world.

Verbal Oragami
Staring Double K and the Cookie J
with appearances by, The Hillbilly and The Country Hick
Sunday 9pm est live

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