Monday, June 25, 2012

The Dr Fry mystery continues

Dr Fry Strikes again

DK kept his promise on Episode 17 of Verbal Oragami. (Listen Here)  He addressed his listeners, co hosts, and DR Fry himself.  Explaining what had happened up to and including the take over and cancellation of At the Water Cooler.  Also announcing that Double Talk Radio would be returning on July 4th to fill the void.  He apologized to pre scheduled guests and his loyal following, saying he was not taking this serious until this event and that he hoped it was all over.  Then DK went on to say however just in case he had a plan, and left it at that.  

DR Fry appeared in the chat room and continued to insult and taunt the on air staff and listeners that were in the chat.  Then during the second hour of the show DK announced that he just received an audio file assuming it was from the doctor.  Promising to be transparent with his listeners and his staff, DK proceeded to play the audio on air during the show.  The message stated that DK should comply to all his demands, or DTR Productions would be destroyed and that the At the Water Cooler take over was just a friendly jester.  He said he has DK backed into a corner and a partnership was imminent.  It ended by stating that DK had no plan and it was all smoke and mirrors.

Listen to DR Frys message that was sent to the show here

Finally an enraged DK made one final claim at the end of the show.  That a big announcement would be made on Sunday July the 1st on Verbal Oragami.

What announcement could that possibly be, the return of Double Talk Radio was already announced.  Who is behind all this?  Who is DR Fry?  Who are the most likely suspects?  What is this major announcement DK has planned?  What are the next steps DR Fry is planning?  
Stay tuned to this site to find out.

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