Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breaking news-At the Water Cooler Cancelled

Prime time radio show cancelled do to copy right infringement
Press release(AP) The popular internet radio show At the Water Cooler has been cancelled do to copy right infringement. The show produced and owned by DTR Enterprises released this statement.
An unnamed company claimed all rights to the title At the Water Cooler today less than 48 hours before the show was set to return to prime time. We were preparing for the shows return to Wednesday night at 9pm est when we received the call. Apparently an unknown company placed claim to the name with the FCC and the IRC to take immediate ownership to all rights to the companys name, content and story lines. Although the show archives have not been removed from the archives, company COO and host of the show Double K is preparing for the worst. "This was my creation from beginning to end and I have no idea who or why would want to take this action"

Other than the previous statement the company does not wish to make any further comments at this time.
Despite this terrible news Double K and his crew have met and put together a brand new show to air in the slot At the Water Cooler previously occupied.

They have announced the return of the show that started it all with an all new cast and story line. Starting tomorrow June 20 at 9pm est they will air the first episode of the New Double Talk Radio.

Double K claims the new DTR will be a 60 minute show covering weird news and pop culture from around the globe they will also bring guests in from time to time. DKs co host from Verbal Oragami Cookie J will co host and the show will be looking for reporters from around the globe to be on the show. We also want to encourage our listeners to submit material on air as well. The show will air a 60 minute Wrap up and open forum after the show, marking the return of another DTR production show, The Water Cooler Wrap Up.

There is alot of work to be done and it wont happen over night states the company. Expect big changes.

The New Double Talk Radio will air at 9pm est every Wednesday night on Z Talk Radio

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