Friday, March 2, 2012

Live Recording of Verbal Oragami March 4th 9pm est

This Sunday March 4th with Bo Walton UK recording artist
9pm est listen live on Z Talk Radio

Bo Walton signed to UK label Tabitha Records in late 2011 and his first single, the up tempo track " 'S TOO MUCH" and "HEY MISTER NIGHT" featuring Mark Knopfler was released 24 November 2011. This was followed by a second single Bo Walton goes Wild! featuring "Wild at heart" & "Wild woman" on Download 27 January 2012 and his full length CD "Waiting on a dream" on 28 February 2012.

Bo has collaborated with a number of other successful songwriters and musicians to produce what is a true eclectic album of music recorded and produced by John David at Berry Hill Studio in Gloucester.

Graham Sclater CEO of Tabitha Music said, "Bo's album is a modern take on Rockabilly recorded with an edge and to date the tracks have been well received both here in the UK and overseas."

Bo has already shot two promo videos, the first of which is widely available on YouTube and other web based sites and he is now carrying out radio interviews around the UK to promote his music and playing a number of live dates at selected venues.

Both of Bo's singles are being played extensively in the UK and around the world.

There are plans for a short European tour in early 2012.

Bo said, "My songwriting and musical talent has finally been recognized and I feel with the slick production and fine tunes I am really looking forward to the coming months and years ahead."

Tabitha Records

Did Somebody say.......

Thats right its all here on prime time Sundays most outrageous show
Prank Calls, funny music, pop culture, and all the weird news stories you wont get anywhere else.
Join your resident madman and host DK

Hot new segment premiers this week called Rock the Boat. A chance for you to vent about anything thats happened this week that has pissed you off. In a self centered world where no one wants to listen, we do!!
And more on the quickly approaching Coast to Coast Co-host search. In just 3 weeks we will hear the 12 contestants that will vie for their shot at a job to co-host beside Double K on Verbal Oragami. For 12 grueling weeks DK will endure 12 shows with 12 different co-hosts. Only then can we crown, prime time talk radios next voice.

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