Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coming to the Water Cooler November 30th

Thomas Sullivan is coming, comedian and author of life in the slow lane.

After a decade of misfires at various teaching jobs and an ugly stint in state government, Thomas Sullivan began serving as an instructor for the largest private Driver's Ed company in Oregon. He thought for sure this was it -- the launching of a career that would last until he was ready to put the brakes on his working life! He was going to learn all about the world of teenagers while having a blast doing it. Well, not exactly...

Cory Williams Sci Fi Author

Harrikh was a military leader and a hero on the world of Lonari, until he was condemned for crimes against that world and his people, the Ynan. In his exile, he transformed from pariah to monster, and undertook a life’s mission written in blood and fire. Jan Baker, a young man raised on Earth, is one among many Ynan refugees who were scattered amongst the stars when Harrikh returned to Lonari to fulfill a terrible promise in a single act of unparalleled barbarity. But Harrikh was not done. Valerie Phillips, a young Philadelphia art student, comes to love Jan and provide for him an anchor of reality, while he, in turn, makes her life more surreal than she could have ever imagined. With their numbers gradually dwindling as Harrikh continues his mission of genocide, the last of the Ynan must fight for the right to exist, and Jan must face his destiny.

Friday, November 18, 2011

From the desk of DK

From the desk of Double K

Greatings all, its been awhile since I have written on here. My newest creation At the Water Cooler has certainly taken flight. When I decided to make my return behind the mic, I was a little lost at first. I had given all my creative energy's to Double Talk Radio, and though it was immensely successful I knew it was time to move on. But what did I want to do? Yes I wanted to carry on without reinventing my on air character, but I also wanted a show that went down a different road.

So I thought and thought about what I way I wanted the next show to do. Finally it came, a talk show with DK running solo with guests each week to entertain the peeps. I was eager to not brand the show to any one category or topic. But still wanted to keep the show engaging. Through the first few episodes the crowds were smaller, the downloads were down, perhaps I picked the wrong angle maybe I lost my touch. I had branded the show, the host(myself) was experienced, and had hosted prime time before. Where had I gone wrong? I was confident in the quality and sell ability of my guests. A friend at the network assured me to keep working at it and the show would sell. I was in fact starting to feel guilty of occupying the prime time spot that DTR had made so successful. For episode 4 I brought in Doc Lucky and the numbers still were not where I expected and come accustomed to where they would be.

By Week 5 it happened with fellow talk show host Monica Hamburg at my side, the show started to take off. By week 6 with Marie Dubuque and Adele Park we were back. The age of the water cooler had again arrived. So now I feel confident in inviting all of you to the show, the product is polished, the guests are intriguing and know what they are talking about. They range from paranormal, to authors, to radio hosts, and yes just like I imagined they cover every topic from A to Z.

So I move forward, and yes At the Water Cooler will remain in prime time on Wednesday nights and I will remain at the helm. I currently am still very busy working behind the scenes with my newest entity DTR Productions, I am pleased with the new web page, guests are knocking down my door. We are booked through February 2012, my library is ever expanding, my facebook page is at a record high, twitter is booming, and yes DK has found his spark.
Build it and they will come, the water cooler is overflowing with good things, loyal listeners and blessings. So this is my chance to say thank you to my friends, my listeners, the network, my family and god.

At the Water Cooler can be heard every Wednesday night from 9pm to 11pm est Live on the Z Talk Radio Network, it is available for download on I tunes and from the home page.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 23- It started with Dracula and Dreams

Author Jane Congdon

As a young girl, Jane Congdon loved movies about Dracula. They ignited a dream in her to see the castles and forests of Transylvania, but first she had to face the monster that lurked in her very own house—a mother whose thirst was more frightening than a vampire’s.

It Started with Dracula is Jane’s spellbinding tale of finally taking the trip of her childhood dreams to the land of Dracula. Her journey to a country that reminded her of home unleashed childhood memories and triggered an inner journey that was completely unexpected.

Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons is an internationally acclaimed dream analyst, dream therapist, dream alchemist, and personal development life coach living in Brisbane, Australia, consulting worldwide through her website at

Published by Hachette, Random House, and Harper Collins, Jane Teresa is the author of six popular books including Dream Alchemy, a frequent guest on national television, and an accomplished radio dream talk-back expert, interpreting callers’ dreams for more than 1,500 shows.

Jane Teresa also hosts a monthly podcast series, The Dream Show, at TheDreamShow.TV where she interprets guests’ dreams, demonstrates the healing power of dream therapy, and shares dream interpretation tips and insights.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 16 **The water cooler has JITTERS**

First its Adel Park the author and producer of Jitters a quirky little audio book about a shock jock who moves to Utah outside a polygamy village.

Then its Marie Dubuque bringing some proper manners to the show. She addresses manners in the modern world and social networking with a bit of humour.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coming back to the Water Cooler on Wednesday January 25th 2012 at 9pm est. It's Doc Lucky!!

If you missed the original interview with Doc Lucky available on Episode 4 on the past guests page for download. You wont want to miss this one. We will be checking in on the progress of his novel the Immune, and also The Zombie Cause his newest project. We never know what we will talk about when the Doctors in the house so book this slot now.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coming to the Water Cooler November 9th

Get ready to let your hair down and come join the party! Coming this week to the show is incomparable Monica Hamburg. This is going to be a fast paced, funny episode, and there is no RSVP required.

By day, I'm a Social Media Evangelist. I speak on social media topics, create/implement social media programs and run workshops.

By later in the day, I have funny podcast with Shane Birley called "The S&M Rants", I'm an actor and, if you found this blog humorous, a humorist. Oh, and I love poledancing. If you're not sick of me yet, you can read/listen to one of the interviews below. Or read the posts I've written on Zug.

The S&M Rants Podcast is a weekly podcast where Shane Birley and Monica Hamburg talk about weird and amusing stuff. Want to find out more about Chewbacca sex fantasies, Japanese toilets and bad erotica? Wondering who the ****tard of the week is? Join them for some deranged goodness!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Segment starting this Wednesday, Things that make you go hmmm....

Starting Wednesday November 2nd DK and the Water Cooler will be bringing you a short weekly segment titled "Things that make you go hmmm..."

This week will be "Things that lasted longer than Kim Kardashians marriage.

Do you have any ideas for future segments?
Post them here and we may use them on the show, better yet we might just invite you to the water cooler to read them yourselves!!

Don't forget this week we are giving away some free books this week!