Sunday, October 30, 2011

Potential new logo submitted

This logo was submitted for replacement or in conjunction with other ATW artwork.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Episode 4 Science Fiction comes to the Water Cooler

Join us at the water cooler on Wednesday November 2nd has we present a science fiction double feature.

Doc Lucky

Criticly acclaimed author of the Sci Fi Novel Immune

Guiness book of world record holder, for the largest colection of yo yo's.

Seen on CBS news, Nicolodian, and Martha Stewart

Jeff Horton author

The Great Collapse is an apocalyptic novel set in the not-too-distant future. When a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and a massive solar flare bathe the Earth in energy, the result is the permanent loss of modern technology across the planet. Survivors learn how to survive and then to thrive in their new reality.

As I did research for my first novel, The Great Collapse, and my second novel, The Dark Age, I was astonished to learn how vulnerable our national infrastructure and our civilization itself are to powerful electromagnetic pulses and solar flares. In 2008 a report requested by Congress and was completed by the EMP Commission. It confirmed that the threat of a single nuclear warhead detonated high in the atmosphere somewhere around Kansas was real, and that it could potentially take out the United States' national power grid.

The Great Collapse received a five-star rating from Midwest Book Review.

Listen to At the Water Cooler live each Wednesday at 9pm est 6pm pacific on Z talk radio.
***we will be giving away 10 copies of Doc Lucky's book the Immune and an ebook from jeff horton***

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Episode 3 Halloween Havoc Pt2 10/26/2011 guest William Ross

Join us at the water cooler this Wednesday night, this week our special guest is William Ross creator of the podcast 118 Migration. William will be talking about the long awaited release of season 3, and other projects he has on the go. Will is also a writer and a publicist, he has keen eye for politics, current events, horror, and a keen sense of humor. We have lots planned for our last show before Halloween, so come and join us at the water cooler. You just never know whats creeping around the corner.

Here's a little sneak preview of the setting for Season Three and one of the new characters."I am," I replied calmly, "and I don't like people with loaded guns surrounding me. Us.""Our apologies, but we don't take chances in Kansas City," the man said affibly, though there was an edge of violence. A man who enjoyed his job. "I'm Waylan Rogers, head of Plaza Cartel security. Mr. Gwaine requests the pleasure of an introduction. Gwaine's in charge so that's kind of like an order. You'll need to come with us. Your people are free to go and enjoy themselves in the plaza district. If you need money, stop by the handicapper and drop off some goods, and they'll provide you with chits to spend.""Chits?" I asked."Currency," Waylan said. "You'll find we're relatively civilized here. Tried money but there was too much of it around, so now we use these little poker chips we call chits. You'll find the handicappers near the movie theater in the plaza. Give them whatever supplies you need to and they'll set a value for them and give you currency. Don't worry, they won't rook ya. If they do, they'll eat a bullet. If you need it back, no big deal. You can always buy back anything you need if you're just passing through. If your people need a place to crash try the Marriott. It's decent, and not too expensive and they probably have the best water-filter and genies in town.""Where are all the..." I hesitated."Dead fellas? Most are long gone, at least from the plaza district, and if you have any real trouble theres a check-point every mile into the plaza.""Doesn't look like you need them, I said." Inside the city there was a large circle where I couldn't feel any dead things at all. It felt like... well... like what I could do. I reached out but felt no one like me. Not for miles and miles."Come on, It's really no big deal. Gwaine is serious, but he's a good enough guy."Alex protested, but I overruled him. If they were planning to kill us, they had plenty of guns to do so. I could take care of myself. Besides, if they wanted to kill me they could have riddled us with machine gun bullets when we arrived. Though I still wonder, would they be enough to kill me now? No... hubris is terminal. Have to be careful about thinking that way. I may not be able to die but my body can certainly be damaged beyond my ability to repair. Bullets still do serious damage. But what if... no... no more modifications. The muscle I stole from poor Donna's corpse was already too much. Still it's entertaining to wonder what I could be if I didn't have to conform to the standards of the human body. I was escorted, alone, into a large SUV, and then driven through the burnt-out looted wasteland that was Kansas City. While we drove Waylan pointed things out like the Airport and the Chiefs stadium, but nearly everything was in ruins. Compared to Omaha, Kansas City looked like a war zone."Was the loons that did it," Waylan said, chomping the end off a cigar and spitting it out the window. "We had them real bad here until the cartel pulled together and forced a truce. You still find a nest of them too out of their gourds to follow orders, and have to pop them, but all and all we keep things friendly-like.""Wait, you co-exist with those people?" I asked, speechless.
guest photos

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Episode 1 on demand. Guest announcements for October

Episode 1 with guest medium David Baker will be available on demand on I tunes in a day or 2, but if you cant wait just use the player on the right side to listen

All things considered last nights premier was a success. We were booted of air for about 10 minutes during the monologue (That might be a good thing), and I was kind of ummming and ahhhing a little much, I guess i was a little rusty. But then I found my groove and all and all it was a good show. We had a good live turnout, thank you everyone not just for listening but for all your warm welcome backs and participation in the show. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.

It was great to have the chance to speak to David again, he gave great insights into psychic ability, speaking to spirits that have past, and spirit guides. He shared some stories on his experiences with ghosts, and lots of great humor and resources. The audience and myself (the forever skeptic)found him to be very accurate in his readings to our callers and those in the chat room. I look forward to reading Davids book Spirit Garden (and the other 2 he is working on) and chatting with him around the water cooler real soon. You can learn more about David here

*******Episode 2 October 19th Halloween Havoc presents*******

Presents special guest Todd Card author of the horror novel Hell cometh

We are pleased to welcome Todd to the water cooler where we will be speaking about his novel, upcoming projects and lots more. We will also be revealing the top 10 horror movies of all time has chosen by you.

This macabre tale will usher your captivation through the razor thin veil between the world of the living and the infernal domain of the walking dead. Hell Cometh is an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of gruesome zombie gore and soul-chilling horror. You immediately plunge into hopeless terror, before barreling through astonishing plot twists and shocking revelations you’ll never see coming.
The story takes place in the fictional coal mining community of Wisdom, which is nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia. The riveting pages dissect the intricate layers of an unassuming hamlet’s secretive residents to reveal a writhing cesspool of moral debasement cloaked in sanctimonious conservatism.

Unique and memorable characters thrive before you descend again into traumatizing imagery with the release of a merciless orgy of monstrous butchery. Then, the plot spirals to dizzying heights of unyielding suspense and hair-raising action as sparse collections of survivors find themselves trapped in the center of town with dwindling resources and no way out. While fighting to stay alive, they discover a horrendous secret that’s remained hidden under their noses for decades.

The narrative blazes out of control as they’re forced to hack and blast their way through endless throngs of flesh-starved corpses while battling an evil enemy as old as time. The creep factor rides high in this book with blistering combat as you pass through raging barrages of intense horror and grisly violence. You’ll travel from the isolated mountain peaks of Virginia to the darkest tormenting pits of Hell before arriving on the heart-wrenching battlefield of Armageddon. Hell Cometh is the first installment in a promised trilogy that delivers a vividly brutalizing flurry of all things zombie.

This just announced.......Halloween Havoc comes to a climax on October 26th with special William Ross from 118 Migration. More to follow

Horror Movie poll update

Here are the rankings for the Water Cooler top ten horror movies of all time. Don't agree, there is still time to vote. Remember there is a spot to vote thumbs up or thumbs down on each movie and even add new ones. Results will be read live on the air on October 19th. Get in the game

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vote for your top 10 horror movies

Vote for your top ten horror movies, if yours arent there you can add them and coheres others to vote.

The results will be read live on the October 19 At the Water Cooler so vote now

So pass it on!! time is running out

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Lead the orchestra you must turn your back to the crowd

Really? No not quite, this is about the night before the show. Not just any show mind you the premiere. The show that could mark DK has a washed up flop or a creative genius the true internet icon. Opening night jitters or excitement, perhaps a little bit of both. You see to coin the phrase turning your back to the orchestra it means that the time leading up to the show, you are preparing. Listening to tracks, finalizing segments, preparing for the guest (at least this time I know the guest and have interviewed him before. But its the solitude, the scribbling notes on paper, checking websites to ensure the information is current and correct. Making sure segments are recorded and everything sounds just so. That is if you are a seasoned veteran like myself, with two years of this under my belt. Nope I cant except anything but a smooth launch, I have had my hiccups, my holes in the road, my mistakes. Ask anyone who has done a podcast and has a chance to edit and re edit and listen and add and take away. Compared to a live show what the differences are. Once the light goes on and you are on the air its like a roller coaster there is no getting off until the end. To fit in or fill in the two hours I have. What will the guest do through me for a loop, will we run out of things to say, or will we want to keep going even though they cant. Will the audience show, will I keep their attention, will they participate, and most important will they come back. Some times the critics are forgiving but I still believe you only have one chance to make a good impression.

So soon it will be show time, time to swing the chair around and face the audience. Trust that the orchestra is in place and ready to play in harmony. Usually by then all technical checks are in place (although there are some things you just cant control) The notes are in place the recordings are in the que. All is good to go. At this point once I launch and I am live, I am fine full of adrenaline and in my zone. This is where I like to be, its why I am in this business. Its why I prefer live shows instead of prerecorded podcasts. So I will check everything once, maybe twice, maybe ten times more. But when push comes to shove its me that has to lead the orchestra and wow the crowd. Give them a reason not to watch Greys anatomy or Person of interest. Ah I stand in the mirror, you are ready, you are ready......

So please come join me at the water cooler with my guest medium David Baker. Join us in the chat room, call in by skype or studio phone. I am an entertainer. A fickle one at times but if i wow just one, then I have done my job. Until tomorrow, I will meet you at the water cooler.

You can listen to the show live at click listen and chat.
You can follow the show on face book
At the Water cooler!/pages/At-the-Water-Cooler/246398138743862
and Double K!/pages/Double-K/141526438926

You can follow my blog or email me or add me on skype Double.k5

We have some announcements for upcoming guests coming over the next couple of days and working on more, so keep your ear to the ground and check back often.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Episode 1 annnounces guest David Baker Spirit Meduim

The premier episode of at the Water Cooler w/Dk welcomes special guest David Baker on Wednesday Oct 12 9pm est for our premier show on Z Talk Radio
Join us by phone, skype, interactive chatroom, or email questions to

Medium - David M. Baker - Biography

David M. Baker is a Medium who has the ability to communicate with the spirits
of deceased loved ones and pets in the spirit world. When spirit comes through
during a reading and he connects, he starts communication and passes
messages of love, guidance, healing, and sometimes forgiveness with the
intention of comforting the individual or individuals who come to him for a
reading. The readings additionally provide proof of life after death and always
offer some degree of closure and reassurance that their loved one still exists,
albeit on the Other-side, and are just a thought away.

David discovered his abilities when he was just a small boy when he saw his
deceased relatives through visits to his bedroom. David’s gift stayed with him all
his life as he was always cognizant of the presence of spirits wherever he went,
but learned to shut them out. In the mid 1990’s David’s abilities came back in
waves so he started to do research and discovered that although he was able to
see and communicate with spirits, he did not realize that meant that he was a
Medium. After meeting Jams Van Praggh in San Francisco at an event, he was
inspired to become a practicing medium himself and started taking courses on
Mediumship. Among his teachers were Medium Valerie Camozzi, and Doreen
Virtue, Ph.D.

Since then David has written a book about his journey which led him to his
mediumship, “The Spirit Garden, A Medium’s Journey” which is available on and other booksellers. Since the release of his book in 2007, he
has been invited on over one hundred radio shows where he gives interviews
and does live readings. David uses Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and
Clairsentience to communicate with the spirit world.

At the Water Cooler is recorded live hosted by Double K formerly of Double Talk Radio
listen live or download on I tunes

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally DK returns to the Water Cooler. (Well kinda)

Its been almost 6 months since I have been behind the mic. So after myself and my co-hosts at Double Talk Radio chose to go our separate ways, I decided rather than continue I needed to take a break go into hiatus for a while. Gather my thoughts and consider if I really had it in me to continue doing this. Though it is very rewarding and fun to produce and host a show, it isn't just 2 hours of live radio that makes a show happen. There are the web pages, social networking, guest booking, pr for the show, writing the script from week to week, recording intros commercials and music, and testing of equipment just to mention some of the behind the scenes stuff. Then you want to go on air and run a perfect show for your listeners and for your own sanity.

Anyway I digress. I did miss it, I did want to come back, it gets in your blood. So when I decided to take the leap of faith so to say, after discussing with my colleagues and a lot of thinking, it was time to put my baby Double Talk Radio to bed. Don't get me wrong I would never trade in my years of DTR its what formed me and entertained my audiences for almost 3 years. But that was it, the implosion. Double Talk did all it could do and to keep that name and format was not in the cards. It ran its course, it did well, time to say good bye. The show will live on in podcast recordings for new listeners and old to continue to enjoy.

But let go of the water cooler, no couldn't do it, it was part of what formed my on air persona. Hence a compromise of sorts, a new name, a new adventure, a new show. Even a new DK(although I kinda doubt that). So to get to why we are all here the new show.

At the Water Cooler w/DK.
Premiering Wednesday October 12th at 9-11pm est on Z Talk Radio.
Live and on demand on I tunes and Talkshoe
contact by email, direct studio phone, Skype, or interactive chat room.
Format: Talk Radio, crossing a broad range of topics and guests. Current events, pop culture, horror, comedy, entertainment, music, real life people from all walks of life, authors, film producers, paranormal, cab drivers, flight attendants. Well you get the point, some old friends and more and more new ones.

Its a brand new show and a brand new adventure, who knows where this journey will take me (the last one was a wild ride). So we still remain on the same network, same night, and the same prime time slot. I am optimistic that the old fans across the globe will come and new ones as well. Don't get me wrong it will be quite a challenge to beat the success of DTR, but then again DK is at the helm. I can promise you I will continue to support what I believe in, and challenge what appears to be false.

So I invite you to join me once again At the Water Cooler, in the upcoming days I will be revealing up coming guests. While some things are steadfast, change is inevitable. The water cooler is forever evolving.

That's all for now we will be talking soon, because that's what we do.