Monday, March 2, 2015

This weeks podcast. Just for shitz and giggles

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Cave Crew Radio 6 Just for shitz and giggles

 Guests Salami Karpaipai and Dave from Cleveland

 Time: 03/01/2015 10:00 PM EST
 Episode Notes: Well here we are the beginning of March and Big B and DK are still bitching about the cold and snow. This week we welcome a couple of guests to the show. First up its our new Ohio Valley corespondent, Dave from Cleveland. We get Dave's take on the new Browns logo, talk some other football stuff and all about Cleveland. Then we welcome Salami Karpaipai from Hockey Night in Punjabi to cover the NHL trade deadline. Has much as DK tries to keep the subject to the NHL, its not going to be easy with this guy. Salami keeps Big B in and DK in stitches has he explains, the IHL, hockey rinks in India, call centers and how he broke into the Canadian past time. Also on tap. Would you book a one way ticket to Mars? Are drummers smarter than everyone else? DK goes tobogganing and so much more. You can listen to Cave Crew Radio live every Sunday at 10pm Eastern on AllradioX M&T and check out the home page at Cave Crew Radio is made possible by donations from our generous listeners.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This weeks podcast. The real story of pro wrestling

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 Cave Crew Radio Episode 5 The real story of pro wrestling

 Special guest Rage!

 Time: 02/22/2015 10:00 PM EST
 Episode Notes: Welcome back to the cave. Big B is feeling better and has traded in his cough medicine for beer. Our guest this week in indy pro wrestler Rage. He gives us an inside look at the life of pro wrestling like you have never heard. When is a match winner decided, how much time to the fighters get to prepare. What happens if someone gets injured and does it ever get personal. You wont believe at what age he started. We talk TNA, WWE, untimely deaths, life on the road, dream matches and so much more. It's Oscar night so you may have missed us live. We give you our pick for best picture. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Sunday at 10pm eastern on AllradioX. Check out the home page Please donate to the show, every little bit helps us bring this to you live every week.