Saturday, August 1, 2015

This weeks podcast. In a urine filled alley.

 Cave Crew Radio 24-In a urine filled alley 

 Time: 07/29/2015 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Sitting in the studio drinking some Whickle. But more on that later. I know its a downer but even DK and Big B have feelings and we start the show giving our opinion on trophy hunting after Dr Palmers slaying of the lion Cecil. We also talk hunting in general, zoo's and protected animals. But fear not we bring in good ole Choo Choo Stu live in studio. He tells us about a new drink he has discovered called a Whickle. A healthy shot of whisky chased by a shot of pickle juice. Yummy. After that we get back into our summer Florida top ten, featuring a man caught masturbating at Mcdonalds, under cooked noodles, smoking pot in the maternity ward, and an ice cream truck that sells pickled sausage. The shows a little short this week but we will be back next week with Vicky the queen of England. Cave Crew Radio airs live on AllradioX M&T every Wednesday at 9pm eastern. Check out the home page and join us on Facebook search Cave Crew Radio. Alright we are out for this week and we will catch you on the flip


Saturday, July 25, 2015

This weeks podcast. Removable pussy

 Cave Crew Radio Episode 23 Removable pussy 

 Time: 07/22/2015 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: After a short hiatus we have made our triumphant return. DK starts things out with a story about a toy helicopter. Did you know Mcdonalds had a top secret menu? We discuss a story about a guy from New York who sued the state because of a 6 day erection. Big B and DK weigh in on the mascot search with three new nominees, a drunk squirrel, a feline presidential candidate named Limberbutt McCubbins, and a Magpie that smokes weed. A new segment kicks off this week. The Florida top 10. We have a new fan over in the UK named Luke the light bulb changer guy and of course Stu checks in to explain his last drunken appearance on the show and his missing underwear. Cave Crew Radio airs live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern and check out the home page at Don't forget to like Cave Crew Radio on Facebook. We will catch you on the flip flop.