Friday, November 27, 2015

This weeks show. Praise Fappy, while ringing the devils doorbell

Cave Crew Radio 2.52 Praise Fappy while ringing the devils doorbell 

Guests Choo Choo Stu and Dave Myers 

  Time: 11/25/2015 09:00 PM EST
 Episode Notes: They are back folks Sir Big B and Mr Wednesday night, with our Thanksgiving special. After explaining Canadian football the boys kick off the holiday season with a great new idea called ship a dick. Check them out here Then its the return of Choo Choo Stu explaining why Brits are calling 999 after getting locked in public washrooms. Next up its Dave Myers, manager and personal assistant to Fappy the anti masturbation dolphin. After last weeks story the boys needed more. Learn about double hell, double praise, how to cure masturbation, bathing in the nude, playing with the devils stick and ringing the devils doorbell. After this its time to regroup. But wait there is more. Big B and DK nominate their choice for president Vermin Supreme, and finally but not least how about a guy arrested for wearing a thong and pantyhouse with an enema up is butt and masturbating in public. This Thanksgiving extravaganza is sure to leave you stuffed. Cave Crew Radio is live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on All Radio X M&T and check out the home page at Catch you on the flip flop!


Monday, November 23, 2015

New episode. Cave Crew Radio 2.5- Behold Fappy the dolphin

Cave Crew Radio 2.5 Behold Fappy the dolphin
 Special guest Matt Vanderpool

  Time: 11/18/2015 09:00 PM EST
 Episode Notes: Oh yes its true they are back. Mr Wednesday night DK and Sir Big B the duke of pee. Tonight joined by the man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool. Big B has a new member to the family, what is the title for a duke in waiting. DK tells us about a new union in town for beggars, and Sir B has a story about a man eating off fine china. Rhonda Roussey and Charlie Sheen are making news. Who is Fappy the Dolphin? Then there is a couple of guys fighting over garbage and a Klingon weapon is involved. Yep only in the cave. Cave Crew Radio is live Wednesday 9pm eastern on AllradioX M&T or check out the home page