Friday, April 18, 2014

This weeks show on download. Never again-Were back

Testicular Difficulties 6-Never again-Were Back
With Miki Sudo and Brian Crean


Time: 04/16/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: One last show that's it. Never again, shall we be convinced to do something has trying as Testicular Difficulties. Gary Girth, X Lax, Professor Fleet, Vio Hazzard, its all coming apart at the seams. Not only is the cast getting sick of their roles but Double K almost loses the guest because of the offensive nature of the show title. Offensive us? Never not us. Well anyway Lent ends tomorrow and with it shall be the triumphant return of Double Talk radio and our real names. Kind of. Anyhow its a festive mood around the water cooler tonight right off the bat and heres what we got. First Brian Crean from Metal Thunder Radio stops by the studio to play Vs Violette, in a special music challenge. Dare we ask how the 1-6 Violette fairs in this contest. Then the number one female Competitive Eating Champion stops by and tells us all about the world of ultimate noshing. Everything from icecream, hot dogs and chicken wings to deep fried asparagus. She tells us all about her adventures on the tour. Gives the girls some advice on weight, after all Miki only weighs 125lbs and thats a girl that can eat 48 hot dogs in one sitting.

We lose Matty at the end, So DK decides to call a very cool pizza joint. This place serves marijuana infused pizza. How do you get one? Don't get your hopes up yet. With all this, we still have a normal banter and some weird news. We find out what its like to be a Catholic/Jew, the DJ sets up a poll, a rap star attempts suicide and cuts his penis off first and American Airlines found the missing plane in some girls vagina, Never a dull moment at this joint. Double Talk Radio is back! It airs every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on AllradioX and be sure to check out the home page at

Friday, April 11, 2014

This weeks download of the show. Take this job and shove it!

Testicular Difficulties 5-Take this job and shove it!

With Airforce Amy, Joe Blumm and Mizz Barbie Bitch


Time: 04/09/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: The Cult of Lent is starting to wind down but we aren't. Gary Girth, Professor Fleet, Vio-Hazzard and X-Lax are your hosts for the week. This week we welcome a slew of guests. It's Happy Rez day for Vio-Hazzard. Joe Blumm the guy from a Michigan gas station, who was fired after a note he left his boss went viral is in the studio. 

Then its Airforce Amy from the world famous bunny ranch. Besides HBO, Hustler TV, Playboy Channel and Howard Stern, you can now add us to the list. Find out about how she got her name, her time in "active" duty, life at the bunny ranch, her recent plastic surgery, and an interesting experience with Ron Jeremy. The cast seems to be split on how they feel about pictures Amy is tweeting to Gary Girth to promote the show. Check us out on Twitter at @Watercoolerdk. Somehow we get on the topic of collagen injections for the clitoris, and vaginal reconstruction. Vio-Hazzard then steps up for another round of Vs. Violette when our friend, favorite dom and Toronto mayoral candidate, Mizz Barbie Bitch stops by to challenge our resident ding dong. Before the game begins she promises us a big announcement and some serious swag to give away on next weeks show. There is a new app to make you shed pounds on your selfie, a woman stops for ice cream during a naked romp at Mcdonalds, and a penis festival in Japan in this weeks weird news. 

X-Lax has a new character and we need you to choose his name. You can here the show and join the hosts and guests in chat every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and check out the home page at Next week its the final week of Lent. Which means the last Testicular Difficulties. 

Next week world female competitive eating champion Mikki Sudo

Friday, April 4, 2014

This weeks Podcast of Testicular Difficulties-A Virgin Auction

Testicular Difficulties 4-A Virgin Auction

Appearing this week-Chet Siegel, Elizabeth Raine and Vicki Wagner


Time: 04/02/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: A big welcome back to our cult of Lent, for our first show of April. Its talk radio without rules and we have a jam packed show in store for you. Vio-Hazard, Gary Girth, X-Lax and Professor Fleet are your humble facilitators this week. First off we have the Coronation ceremony to crown Vio-Hazzard has the new queen of burps (See episode 3). Next up its Chet Siegel from Guyism. Guyism is one of our favorite sites for weird news and cool topics. She shares some inside secrets, and behind the scenes stories about life at Guyism.

Then its off to the much anticipated Liz Raine. A 27 year old medical student and oh yes a virgin. Liz is auctioning her virginity off on line. Yes we have her live in studio and we are going to try and answer all the questions you have. Find out why she waited, what is motivating her, what she is expecting. Finally but certainly not least we welcome back tv host/stand up comedian Vicki Wagner. Vicki is here to challenge Vio-hazard this week on vs. Violette. Its V vs. V in sex and sex toy trivia. Can Vio-Hazard make it 2 in a row?

We also talk about a man in California who was washed out to sea while performing a baptism. Talk about divine intervention. A new fad that sees kids smoking coffee grinds and Vi has a new microphone. Did I mention this whole giving up our names for Lent is wearing thin? Can you sense the frustration and the tension? Testicular Difficulties airs live every Wednesday on Be sure to check out the home page for all past episodes, to leave us a voice mail or email the show at Coming up next week Dennis Hoff presents Airforce Amy live in studio and The man whos note to his boss went viral and cost him his job. Joe Blumm is also on the show.

Coming Next Show, April 9 2014 9pm eastern
It's Airforce Amy

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This weeks Testicular Difficulties on Podcast. Southern Belle vs The Queen of the Burps

Testicular Difficulties 3-Southern Belle vs The Queen of the Burps

First time ever on internet radio.  A belching contest

This weeks guest Jodie Parks


Time: 03/26/2014 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Welcome back to what only can be billed has the Cult of Lent. Violette has been anxiously preparing for her challenge this week on Vs Violette. The southern belle who does not even belch in front of others must now put all her fears aside as she faces off in the first internet talk radio live burping challenge. Enter the opponent. This weeks Guest Jodi Parks. T.V. and film ghost hunter and The Queen of Burps. Jodi was the first ever Guinness Book of World Records holder for loudest burp by a female. She has been featured on such shows has, Howard Stern, Steve Harvey, 20/20, and Huff Post Live. So does Vio-hazzard go to 0-5 you will have to listen to find out. The stage is set. Jodi lets out a championship belch! How does our host respond. One more sip of the concoction Double G has prepared and...

Also up on tonight's show. Jodi sticks around our humble abode and discusses her experiences in the paranormal field and her opinion of her colleagues. We learn that our own X-Lax is a bit of a ghost hunter himself. There's a new game going around facebook for breast cancer awareness have you used your boobs to get out of a speeding ticket? The fog horn continues to run wild and there is so much more, if you would just give us a listen and tell a friend. Testicular Difficulties is heard live every Wednesday night on and check out the home page at 

Coming up next week live April 2nd 2014, We have Elizabeth Raine a 27 year old virgin from Australia. Who is auctioning her virginity on line. h ttp://

 Chet Siegal a you tube VJ and columnist for Guyism is here and Vicki Wagner returns to face off on Vs Violette. We will hear you there!
Here is a video of Chet.  15 things you didn't know about porn

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This weeks Testicular Difficulties on podcast. The Hick is back and a combo for 40 bucks.

Testicular Difficulties 2- The Hick is back and a combo for 40 bucks
This week-THE Cheap Country Hick and Mizz Barbie Bitch


Time: 03/19/2014 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Welcome back to the land of the strange boys and girls. The revenge of Lent continues with Gary Girth, Vio-Hazard, Professor Fleet and X-Lax. Our first guest this week is Mizz Barbie Bitch and she has officially kicked off her campaign to whip Toronto into shape, has their new Mayor. We get updated on her goings on, including an upcoming interview with a National Newspaper, where she claims a mention is coming to your favorite internet radio show. Of course we talk about Rob Fords latest escapades as well. Then in the second hour we welcome back an old friend Kevin Schmidt the Cheap Country Hick to hang out for a while. He is this weeks guest contestant on vs Violette. This weeks game is Fucked Up Feud and the winner is? Does Violette end her streak?

Mizz Barbie Bitch is officially in the race for Mayor of Toronto

We decide to have the Hick call back our Chinese massage parlor in Seattle, where we discover a combo deal for only 40 bucks! Such a good deal that Double G calls back to reserve for a whole bus. Someone tweets a photo of a penis on the news, 5 things in porno's, you should never try in real life, a serial urinator is on the loose, and a man is attacked at Taco Bell for Burping. We air live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and be sure to check out the home page 

Coming next week.
The Queen of the burps, Jodie Parks
 Seen on Howard Stern, 20-20, Guinness Book of World Records, Travel Channel, Huff Post Live, and the Steve Harvey show

Friday, March 14, 2014

Testicular Difficulties premier episode. Never ending Lent and Vicki Wagner

Double Talk Radio presents....
Testicular Difficulties- Never Ending Lent 
Guests Vicki Wagner and Producer Scotty


Time: 03/12/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: The only one having a hard time getting on air is? You guessed it! Winner winner chicken dinner. Wow, where to start this week. We gave up Double Talk Radio for Lent, hence Testicular Difficulties. See previous episode. Tonight we are joined by TV host, stand up comedian , Vicki Wagner has our guest. We talk about the missing plane MH370, orientals, is peeing in the pool bad for your health and how to make your "who who" taste better. We love Vicki so much we ask her to stay a little longer. DK plays the actual 911 call of the family trapped in their bedroom because they are being attacked by a 22 pound Himalayan cat. Matty is late again because of technical difficulties. His guilt ridden Lent of not swearing is over! DJ Chris has decided he needs a good job to pay for his shopping addiction. Wait till you hear what he has in mind. Oh good ole Violette. She attempts another round of VS. Violette with this weeks guest Producer Scotty.

How does she fair? Find out during Do you have a dirty mind, what am I? Finally DJ Chris also feels guilty about Lent, so we convince him to give up his name. What results may confuse you even more. For the next 4 weeks your hosts will be Double G (Gary Girth), Professor Fleet (DJ Chris), X-Lax (Matty the co host), and Vio-Hazzard (Violette). There you go. We probably didn't cover everything. So go ahead and listen. Testicular Difficulties is recorded live every Wednesday at 9pm eastern on Check out the home page at We have no idea whats up next week so just come and listen.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

This weeks Double Talk Radio Episode 8--Lent, Tribond and Hot Pockets

DTR 2014, Episode 8-Lent, Tribond, and Hot Pockets
Mizz Barbie Bitch, Maddie F-Bomb, Producer Scotty

    Listen Here

Time: 03/05/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: If you think this weeks show is anything like we advertised. Scratch that, come listen and lets move on. Let me start with this. Double K thought it was Friday. We talked about Lent, but we will come back to that. Mizz Barbie Bitch is on the show as advertised. Once we get through a little Skype issue, we get updates on her mayoral campaign, feelings on Rob Fords appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and the other goings on of a high profile dominatrix. Its time for Violette to give another try on Vs. Violette. You may recall she lost a tie breaker last week. Producer Scotty who was supposed to play, says his alarm did not go off. So enter long time listener Maddie F Bomb to challenge Vi. This weeks game is Tribond. Does Violette redeem herself? Next DK attempts to tell a story about a new vibrator that can make women orgasm on demand. Only problem is its surgically implanted and shaped like a cigarette pack, next there is a story about a young man who screwed a hot pocket to get more followers. Can you see where all this is going? Anyway during the Lent conversation and continuous pressure from Violette, DK decides to give up the name of the show for 40 days. So we took ideas and had a vote. Double Drunk Radio, Back Talk Radio and the winner Testicular Difficulties.
Thats right for the next month and a week, DTR will be known has TD Radio. So we will be back next week same staff same format, Just a crazy new fu#$@d up name. Alas all that aside Scotty did wake up and come on for a visit. He gives us an update on a certain Get Go employee. Yes and there is so much more. We were having so much fun that we recorded an after show with all kinds of goodies. Check out the home page at to find out how you can obtain it. Testicular Difficulties can be heard every Wednesday night at 9pm EDT on Oh the reason we didn't mention the serial dater, she had to cancel. All good though Erin Wotherspoon will be giving us updates on taking her serial dating to New York City next week!! By for now!

****Next Week**** 

The Serial Dater Returns

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Listen to this weeks Double Talk-Off the beaten track

DTR 2014 Ep 7 Off the beaten track
featuring vs. Violette with guest Dick Pretzel


 02/19/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode Notes: Welcome back to the water cooler. Sometimes on the show we just go off the beaten path. Tonight is one of those nights, the whole gang is in attendance. Double K, Violette, Matty and DJ Chris. Its time for the first installment of Vs. Violette, where a guest challenges Violette in a game of the Game Masters (DK) choosing. Tonight Beat the Clock. Violettes opponent is Dick Pretzel from the Bowling Nun Circus. After a minute and a half of trivia questions we are all tied at 2, so DK devises a tie breaker. A spin on the Prank Wheel of Fate. Dick excepts and Violette declines, so we call a Chineese Massage Parlor. DK decides to bring up the topic of fleet enema's and wishes he hadn't. A new way to enjoy the Olympics, sex toys, and some other random shit. Double Talk Radio is recorded live on every Wednesday night at 9pm EDT and be sure to check out past episodes on the home page over at