Friday, April 29, 2016

I need an ambulance and an ISIS sick day

Cave Crew Radio 2016 episode 16
 I need an ambulance and an ISIS sick day

 Time: 04/27/2016 09:00 PM EDT
 Episode Notes: Welcome back cave dwellers. It appears Big B is stuck in traffic so we call the Swede in for moral support. DK is complaining about scooters slowing down traffic and no one seems to know what they are. Choo Choo lodges a complaint about super electric wheel chairs and the disturbance they are causing. A Ted Cruz look alike is making a porn, weather report is interrupted by a windows 10 update, Kid Rocks frantic 911 call, and now ISIS soldiers are calling in sick. DK reveals he has a secret addiction, and what happens when Erik the Swede calls a random Swede. Cave Crew Radio is recorded live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on We also air Saturdays at 8pm on WSNR 102.7 Brooklyn. Next week its the return of the man of 1000 voices Matt Vanderpool. Cheers!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

This weeks show. When in Rome with an allen wrench

Cave Crew Radio 2016 Episode 15
 When in Rome with an allen wrench

 Special guest Erik the Swede

 Episode Notes: Welcome back cave dwellers, happy 420! Tonight Big B, Choo Choo Stu and DK are all in the house. First up a high school basketball star in DK's home town turns out to be a 30 year old illegal immigrant. A NHL hockey player is fined for using a naughty word. The presidential race in the USA is heating up and Donald Trump is at it again. Then the boys are joined again this week by none other than Eric the Swede. He is the random person we got on the line during call a random Swedish person last week. Erik and Choo continue the debate of who invented the sauna, and some great stories follow. Our search for global domination continues. Cave Crew Radio is broadcast live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern on and we can now be heard on Saturday nights at 8pm eastern on 102.7 WSNR in Florida. Until we meet again, catch you on the flip flop.