Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last ShocktOber this year! Its an interview with a Vampire

DTR 2014 ShocktOber 5-An interview with the Vampire

Guest- Belfazaar 

Time: 10/29/2014 09:00 PM EDT 
Episode Notes: Last show before Halloween and the last episode of ShocktOber for this season. We have had witches, demons, fortune tellers, and ghost hunters. So how do we close things out? How about a real Vampire. Thats right. Listen in to see what happens when Belfazaar, a vampire who feeds on human blood stops by the water cooler. Find out all about his lifestyle. Do they sleep upside down? Does the sun burn their skin? Chris asks do they really say "I want to suck your blood", He also is a Voodoo practitioner and we dive into that as well. Damn! Belfazaar is having so much fun, he sticks around for some horror movie talk and DK's Halloween trivia game Trick or What? Violette discusses her wedding in Second Life and so much more. Double Talk is recorded live from the Maddhouse in Second Life every Wednesday at 9pm eastern and streams at Power Radios and AllradioX. Be sure to check out the home page


Friday, October 24, 2014

This weeks ShocktOber- The Ouija board demon ZoZo

DTR 2014-ShocktOber 4  The Ouija board demon ZoZo

Guest-Darren Evans

Time: 10/22/2014 09:00 PM EDT 
Episode Notes: Halloween is really heating up around the water cooler this week. Join Violette, Double K and Chris has we welcome self proclaimed zozoligist Darren Evans to the show. We discuss all about Ouija boards, history, experiences, what causes them to move. Darren tells us how he first got involved with the spirit boards and his personal encounters with the ZoZo demon and how this led him to dedicate his life to helping others. What is the significance of the black birds? Darren tells of his recent feature on Ghost Adventures and we discuss the release of the upcoming horror movie Ouija and its possible impact. Violette keeps moving her wedding plans around. Is she getting cold feet? Chris really gets Madd this week telling a story about Limpy and Saphire. All this and so much more. Double Talk Radio is live from the Maddhouse in Second Life every Wednesday at 9pm eastern and streams on Power Radios and AllradioX, Check out the home page at

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This weeks ShocktOber Episode...Sex dolls and a pet medium

DTR 2014 ShocktOber 3- Sex dolls and a pet medium

Guests: Dave Hockey & Shawna Bigelow.  Rob Gutro

Time: 10/15/2014 09:00 PM EDT Episode Notes: We call it ShocktOber, because of Halloween . But how is this for shocking, Dave Hockey and Shawna Bigelow are a couple that swings. They share each other in the bedroom with sex dolls. Our first guests tell us all about how they got started, the real doll life style, and some nifty sex facts about these almost real looking companions.
Next up its author, ghost hunter and medium, Rob Gutro. Rob considers himself an average guy who just happens to be able to communicate with those who passed. He calls himself a "medium rare" because he's still learning how to meditate for more messages, but he passes messages on when he gets them. He has also been able to sketch out what a ghost or spirit looks like and have connected with many people and dogs and cats! He's not a medium who makes appointments or gives readings for money, he just gives them when spirits or ghosts come to him (The difference between them is something he explains in his books). Often he'll get messages whenever someone emails him. He belongs to the Inspired Ghost Tracking group and helps cross ghosts over on private investigations. By trade he's a meteorologist, so he explains the facets of entities using science. He's had the ability since he was a teenager, when his grandfather appeared to him 6 months after he passed. We also talk to Rob about his newest book, Pets and the Afterlife. Rob gave us some great information.
So sit back with your favorite water cooler gang Maddie, Violette, Chris and DK, and enjoy this rather Shocking episode. Double Talk Radio airs live from the Maddhouse in Second Life and streams live on AllradioX and Power Radios. Be sure to check out the home page at Coming up next week. ShocktOber continues with the return of Darren Evans while we talk ZoZo the Ouija demon. Fresh off Darren's appearance on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

 Next week: Darren Evans-ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon

Thursday, October 9, 2014

This weeks episode of ShocktOber The realm of the Southern seer

ShocktOber episode 2-The realm of the Southern seer

Guest- Haystack Hank Gardner (seer of all things)

Time: 10/08/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back my spookie friends. DK, Violette and Chris are on board for another edition of ShocktOber. This week our featured Clairvoyant had to cancel. How could she not see it coming? Anyway we welcome a very special guest this week, a medium so distant from the real world he does not have a web page, email, facebook or twitter. Enter Haystack Hank Gardner, the Southern Seer. Hank has in site on all the hosts, people in chat and the modern world around him. Hear how he reads DK's mind, tells Chris about his career, and advises Violette on her social life. We have a couple of callers into the studio. How did Chris's weekend go with his old flame, and we get an update of Violettes virtual wedding. We are recorded live every Wednesday night from the Maddhouse in Second Life and broadcast on AllradioX and Power Radios. Be sure to check out the homepage at Next week a very unique couple that swings with sex dolls.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Were back just in time! ShocktOber episode 1- the Book of Shadows

DTR 2014 presents ShoctOber Eps 1- The Book of Shadows

Guest...Wizard Luxas Aureaum

Time: 10/01/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: We are back after a short hiatus. Just in the nick of time. Why its October, our favorite time of year. Welcome to ShocktOber 2014. DK, Violette, Maddie and Chris are all in studio. This years first guest is Wizard Luxas Aureaum from The Coven of the Rooting Circle. Hear how Luxas hazes new witches, astral travel and dreams, Halloween, does he ride a broom, and what is the Book of Shadows. Speaking of the Book of Shadows it appears that Chris has one. He writes something in it, what is it? Chris is changing majors at university, and is about to visit an old flame this weekend. Violette is getting married, and of course Maddie gets Madd. DK has a few crazy stories. A white woman is suing a sperm bank because she had a black baby, and their is a couple in Nova Scotia that is taking threesomes to a whole new level. Sure its Halloween and that's the theme but this is the water cooler after all. We are now streaming on Power Radio and AllradioX. We broadcast live from the Maddhouse in Second Life. You can hear the show live every Wednesday night at 9pm eastern, and be sure to check out all the past shows on I tunes or at Shocktober continues next week, and all through the month of October.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Listen to this weeks show. A homeless man in a sex booth,

DTR 2014 Episode 27-A homeless man in a sex booth

Guest Allison Sciulla

Time: 09/10/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome back boys and girls. for this weeks brand new episode of Double Talk Radio. Violette, Maddie, Chris and DK welcome you. The crew starts out with a little small talk until Chris returns from the Gym then he leads a story of 45 thoughts that go through a woman's mind while she's giving a blow job. Well the girls and Chris seem right into this. DK claims his ignorance and bows out for this segment. Next up its comedian, musician, and author Allison Sciulla. She joins us to celebrate the release of her book And then I shit my pants. When asked to talk about the title she goes on to tell us a story of a homeless man she observed taking a number two in a sex booth in San Francisco. Leave it to Violette to share her own real life experiences in side of sex booths and glory holes. Where does the conversation go from there? OMG! Allison talks about her other books, her art,and her life has a stand up comedian. We really enjoyed her visit to the water cooler. Why is DK dressed in a monkey suit, and Joan Rivers are also up on the menu this week. Double Talk Radio airs live from the Maddhouse in Second Life every Wednesday at 9pm eastern and broadcasts on AllradioX. Check out the homepage at

Check out Allison's homepage here

Friday, September 5, 2014

This weeks podcast-Nude Pics and whats your blood type?

DTR 2014 Episode 26- Nude pics and whats your blood type

guest appearance: The hick Kevin Schmidt

Time: 09/03/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Hello all. We are back again. Violette is on vacation, so its Double K, Maddie, and Chris this week. Oh what a mess. Never mind you will hear about that later or sooner. This week we talk about some nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others that have been hacked from their I cloud accounts. Why would you even store such things online? Maddie Gets Madd about a statutory rape victim forced to pay for a child he didn't even know about, and there are more technical difficulties, blah blah blah. We decide to call the Cheap Country Hick to check in on him, when all of a sudden a listener by the name of Bro Bri calls in and starts talking about blood types, perfect mates and Hitler was on to something. Or something along those lines. I am sure you can picture how DK reacts to this. DK asks for donations and then tells the crowd at the Maddhouse he will dress in what ever they send him. How will DK look next week? Stay tuned. Double Talk Radio broadcasts live from the Maddhouse in Second Life and streams on Allradiox every Wednesday at 9pm eastern. Be sure to check out the home page

Join us live on Wednesday September 10th at 9pm eastern.  When we welcome comedian and author Allison Sciulla

She has just released a new book

...And Then I Shit My Pants,And Other True Short Stories
Allison Sciulla
"And Then I Shit My Pants, And Other True Short Stories" is intense, edgy and very funny. Comedian Allison Sciulla invites you on a literary roller coaster ride. This collection of short stories is a compelling recount of Allison's awkward transition from teen to young adult. She's straightforward, brutally honest and unapologetic. She's also very likable. As you read, you'll feel as if she's confiding in you as a close personal friend. That's because she never holds back and shares all of her personal and embarrassing secrets with you.
You'll laugh out loud at Allison's uncensored commentary on life as she captures the genuine essence of teen angst. From bad boyfriends, gut-wrenching break-ups and awkward sexual encounters to car accidents, suicide attempts and her over-bearing Italian family. Allison has been to hell and back and literally crapped her pants on the way. But shame is not part of Allison's world. She's unpretentious, honest and shares all the tawdry details with you.
She learned to survive by developing her keen sense of humor and expressing her emotions through a variety of artistic mediums. Allison is an inspirational human being and her stories are truly captivating. Fans of Charles Bukowski and David Sedaris will enjoy Allison's raw and unapologetic writing style.

Friday, August 29, 2014

This weeks end of summer special with Angel the grapefruit lady

DTR 2014 Episode 25-End of Summer Special 

Guest: Angel from Angels Erotic Solutions

Time: 08/27/2014 09:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Welcome to the Double Talk Radio end of summer special, the hot weather is winding down and fall is soon upon us. But its a hot steamy show at the water cooler this week. Double K, Violette, Maddie and Chris are ecstatic to welcome Angel from We have been talking about Angels grapefruit for some time now (view it here Well buckle up folks itâ??s a full house and your hosts and their guest are on fire. Talk about talk radio without rules, we are pretty sure we shatter them all tonight. Angel explains about how she became a sex expert and how and why she invented the grapefruit technique. Violette then lives up to her promise and attempts the grapefruit live on air. Angel answers all the questions from the listeners, and we have some pretty crazy questions. Also on the show, Violette tell us the major advantages of having sex with a robot, Chris is unusually hyper, DK explains that people that drink alcohol live longer, there is a new candidate in the Toronto Mayoral race that wants to improve moral by supplying free Viagra, and DK chugs a beer for PMS awareness. This episode is definitely not safe for work. Double Talk Radio is broadcast live at the Maddhouse and airs on AllradioX. Be sure to check out the home page at